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The Real Story Behind Baby Reindeer on Netflix

By Orgesta Tolaj


14 May 2024

baby reindeer netflix

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Have you wondered about the real story behind the recent “Baby Reindeer” craze on Netflix? The show recently went viral, becoming one of the most popular ever. However, once people discovered it was based on a true story, the show became 10 times more interesting. While the show may have captured the hearts of viewers, there are some important facts you need to know about.

What Is Baby Reindeer About?

“Baby Reindeer” is a show featuring Richard Gadd as a character named Donny Dunn, based on himself, who is both a struggling comedian and bartender. Donny finds himself being stalked by a woman named Martha, whom he initially encountered when he served her a free cup of tea at the bar where he works.

After Donny’s simple act of kindness towards Martha, she begins to stalk him relentlessly for three years, bombarding him with 41,000 emails and countless hours of voice messages. However, the story is not a typical portrayal of a stalker narrative.

Baby Reindeer Netflix
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The debut episode of “Baby Reindeer” has garnered over 3 million viewers in the past week alone, and the series has been the top choice for online viewership in the UK during this period.

Is Baby Reindeer on Netflix a True Story?

Yes, it is. “Baby Reindeer” on Netflix recounts the real-life experience of Scottish comedian Richard Gadd. He was stalked and harassed by a middle-aged woman named Martha.

Over a span of four and a half years, the woman sent Richard Gadd 41,071 emails, 350 hours of voicemails, 744 tweets, 46 Facebook messages, 106 pages of letters, and various bizarre gifts, such as a reindeer toy, sleeping pills, a woolly hat, and boxer shorts. She relentlessly stalked Gadd at his home, workplace, and during his comedy performances, and even harassed his loved ones, including his parents and a transgender woman he was dating.

What Happened With the Police?

When Richard Gadd approached the police about the harassment, he faced criticism and felt like he was being scolded for reporting the harassment. He described his experiences with police investigations as “hilarious” but also “terrible”. He advised against pressing charges, citing the lengthy and challenging process.

Baby Reindeer Netflix
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The stalking of Richard Gadd began after he was groomed, raped, and subjected to repeated sexual assaults by an older, successful TV writer. This traumatic experience is depicted in the fourth episode of the series. The man, posing as a mentor, invites Gadd to his London flat, where they consume drugs and the abuse occurs.

Is There a Real-Life Martha From Baby Reindeer?

The woman who stalked Richard Gadd remains unnamed, as he has chosen to keep her identity private. He disclosed to GQ that he had never revealed her real name to the media. He also altered significant details about her for the Netflix series. Gadd emphasized that the portrayal of her in the show is heavily disguised. This is to the extent that she likely would not recognize herself, and while certain emotional truths are reflected, it is not a factual representation of her.

Baby Reindeer Netflix
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Following the release of the Netflix show, the woman who allegedly inspired the character Martha expressed her intention to potentially pursue legal action against Richard Gadd. She claimed that Gadd was now the one obsessed with her. She alleged that he was using “Baby Reindeer” to continue stalking her. Afterward, she asserted her victimhood, stating, “He’s written a bloody show about me.

What Did She Have to Say About Baby Reindeer?

The woman accused Richard Gadd of bullying her on television for fame and financial gain, labeling his script as such. She claimed to have received death threats and online abuse from supporters of Gadd. Additionally, she denied ever owning a toy baby reindeer and stated that she had never discussed childhood toys with Gadd.

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Richard Gadd recently urged his followers to refrain from speculating about the real identity of Martha.

Have you watched Baby Reindeer yet?

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