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Reshaping the Face From Within With This Procedure

By Orgesta Tolaj


13 September 2023

Face Sculpting

©️ Ksenia, Olia Danilevich / Pexels

Ever wondered what Michelangelo’s statues felt like while they were being crafted? Well, apparently you can now find out. Welcome to the fascinating world of Face Sculpting. A skincare procedure where age is just a number and your face becomes a canvas for rejuvenation.

Imagine a magic touch that does not involve potions or mirrors, but instead, a journey within to rediscover your youthful glow by simply using a procedure.

What Is Face Sculpting?

The inner facial, also known as Face Sculpting, is a non-invasive anti-aging technique that involves reshaping the face from within. Delphine Langlois, a Parisian facialist trained by Yakov Gershkovich, offers this innovative approach for those seeking an alternative to hyaluronic acid injections or Botox, or for those who wish to space out such treatments.

During the procedure, the practitioner inserts their fingers into the mouth to work on both the internal and external aspects of the face. This unique method involves layering the facial muscles through the mouth, which effectively plumps the skin and provides a double massage effect. It also allows for a customized approach, allowing the targeting of specific areas that require attention.

The Face Sculpting Procedure

The procedure lasts around one hour and it includes:

1. Muscle Stretching (40 minutes)

This phase focuses on stimulating the facial muscles, of which there are a total of 57. The goal is to oxygenate and elongate these muscles, providing a deep tissue massage to release tension accumulated in the face. Wrinkles often form due to facial contractions, and this part of the treatment involves warming up the muscles, enhancing blood circulation, and sculpting the face according to its unique morphology. The result is a more defined and toned facial contour, with particular attention to lifting the cheekbones and counteracting age-related bone loss in the face.

face sculpting
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2. Buccal Massage (20 minutes)

In this stage, the practitioner wears gloves and inserts their index finger into the client’s mouth to work on both the subcutaneous and exterior facial muscles using techniques such as tapping vibrations, and muscle stretching. This dual massage approach targets the muscle joints around the mouth, plumping areas like the nasolabial fold and lines around the mouth. By placing thumbs under the lower lip, the oval shape of the face, including the chewing muscles, can also be addressed. This area around the mouth tends to show signs of aging more prominently due to the strength of the muscles there.

Benefits of Face Sculpting

Face Sculpting is beneficial because it offers:

1. Anti-aging Effects
The treatment offers anti-aging benefits by directly working on the facial muscles, stimulating blood circulation, and stretching the muscle fibers. This indirect mechanical action also stimulates bone health, preventing the skeleton from aging too quickly. It revitalizes fibroblasts responsible for collagen and elastin production, helping to prevent premature wrinkles. The plumping effect is particularly noticeable in areas like the nasolabial fold, lines around the mouth, and the lips themselves.

2. Tensions Relaxed
The massage technique delves deep into the chewing muscles, effectively relieving tension, which is common among individuals with stressful lifestyles. Stress-related muscle tension in the neck and trapezius areas is addressed through muscle stretching and knot release, resulting in a relaxing effect. Emotional tensions are also alleviated. Additionally, the technique can help with teeth grinding, and contrary to expectations, it is a pleasant experience for the recipient.

3. Radiant Skin
The procedure has positive effects on lymphatic circulation, reducing stagnation around the face. This improvement in lymph flow enhances skin quality, making it firmer and reducing puffiness. It also leads to a brighter complexion and less pronounced eye contours, effectively diminishing the appearance of puffy eyes and under-eye bags.

Face Sculpting is not just about appearances. It is about embracing the beauty that comes from within and giving your face a well-deserved treat. It is a journey that combines science, artistry, and a dash of Parisian charm to unlock your face’s full potential.

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