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This “Ridiculous” Balenciaga Towel Skirt Is Almost $1,000

By Orgesta Tolaj


28 November 2023

balenciaga towel skirt

© Balenciaga

Where would you spend $1,000? Maybe you would get groceries for a few months, pay rent here or there, or even go on a nice vacation. The opportunities are limitless and your imagination can run wild. So, what if you decide to buy a Balenciaga towel skirt with that money? Yes, you read that right. Balenciaga is selling an actual skirt that looks like a towel for roughly $1,000.

Balenciaga’s Towel Skirt

The described skirt is part of the Spring 24 Collection from a fashion house and is available for pre-order on its website. It is labeled as unisex, made of 100 percent cotton, and features two waistline buttons and an adjustable belt buckle. The knee-length skirt includes an embroidered Balenciaga logo on the front. Some individuals have criticized its resemblance to an inexpensive towel from Walmart, expressing their opinions on social media platform X.

balenciaga towel skirt
© Balenciaga

It Is Not April Fools Just Yet, So Is It a Prank?

Despite the information circulating, some individuals are questioning whether Balenciaga’s recent release of a skirt priced at $925 is actually a legitimate offering or perhaps a prank, noting that April 1st is still a while away.

One person expressed disbelief, stating, “Balenciaga is selling a towel wrapped around somebody’s waist as a skirt for $925. Please be f**king for real.” Moreover, another user commented on the perceived lapse in judgment by the fashion house’s designers, saying, “These folks definitely have forgotten their brain.”

What Internet Users Had to Say About the Balenciaga Towel Skirt

Several social media users shared their incredulity and disdain for the product, with one person humorously commenting, “Balenciaga’s $925 towel skirt… f**k fashion bruh,” followed by a series of laughing emojis. Another individual expressed frustration, exclaiming, “That’s ridiculous! Who would pay that much for a towel skirt?“.

balenciaga towel skirt
© lawstcuhse / Twitter

Amid the mockery, there was a sentiment of disbelief and confusion, with someone stating, “What kind of madness is this? At least I’m not their target market,” accompanied by laughter. Additionally, the online reactions collectively showed a mix of astonishment, criticism, and humorous disbelief at the perceived extravagance of the $925 towel skirt.

balenciaga towel skirt
© unholyvogue / Twitter

Other Weird Things Balenciaga Has Previously Sold

If you think the towel skirt is bad, here are some of the most outrageous things Balenciaga has sold:

The Croc Heel

© Balenciaga

Balenciaga’s collaboration with Crocs has generated significant attention and approval, with the stiletto Croc being highlighted as a particularly noteworthy and successful venture. Despite the unconventional nature of heeled Crocs, Balenciaga has managed to make them appealing and fashionable, drawing interest from the brand’s loyal fans.

The Toolbox Bag

© Balenciaga

The toolbox bag by Balenciaga, priced at $1,150 USD, is considered one of the more affordable accessories from the brand. Despite its name, it’s described as a handy item for those prone to dropping their belongings. The clutch is suitable for essentials like a phone, cardholder, and a few lipsticks, but its size may not accommodate actual tools.

The Coffee Cup

© Balenciaga

What looks like a Photoshop mockup, is in actuality a real product that Balenciaga sold. And, get this. It was sold for almost $90. Do you think it would make your coffee taste better if you drink out of it?

Would you ever consider buying the $1,000 Balenciaga towel skirt?

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