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“We’ll Be Back for Sure” – RM Promises BTS Comeback in 2025

By Orgesta Tolaj


18 August 2023

BTS comeback 2025

© bts.bighitofficial / Instagram

“The Moment Is Yet To Come” indeed! RM has announced that BTS will start promoting as a group once again in 2025.

The band who was been promoting as solo artists, made an announcement in 2022 that they would be taking a break as a group. The announcement contained statements from the bandmates explaining that they have been going through a rough patch.

BTS had previously mentioned that the main purpose of the three-year hiatus was to mainly figure themselves out and focus on solo work instead. The band has been active since 2013, so the break mas more than welcomed by fans!

The Announcement of the Group Comeback

RM had the chance to read a letter from an ARMY, in which the fan expressed how they appreciate everything BTS has done for their fans over the last ten years. After reading the letter, RM made sure to tell his fans in a live stream, that the group would be back to promoting together soon.

During the live stream, RM told his fans:

I hope our songs and solo projects could be another reminder to you guys of how important ARMY was, has been, and will be in our lives at the same time. I hope that it is a reminder that spring will come again. Please continue to keep BTS alive in your hearts, in this moment and perhaps throughout your entire life.

bts group photo
© bts.bighitofficial / Instagram

He later continued: “Even though we’re doing our solo activities on our own… what I’m thinking these days when I’m doing my solo projects is… this is just like a vacation. To get back to where I was, which was BTS and ARMY. All the solo [activities] is just a journey. But it is a very important journey for Chapter 2. But it’s a journey to get back home safe.”

Afterward, RM told the fans what they were looking forward to hearing for the last year:

“Eventually, when we get back and reunite together in 2025… [we will] be back for sure. We’ll be joining together again. And that will be in 2025.”

Why Did RM Specifically Say 2025?

Not only would this mean that each member would have enough time to rest and think things through, but it also has a different meaning. The year 2025 is linked to the year when each BTS member will have some free time together before and after their military service.

Each South Korean citizen male, is required to serve in military service enlistment. This service is compulsory but there are other options for those who do not specifically want to serve the military. Other services include social work, research, full-time reserve, and even medical among others.

Although this enlistment is obligatory, there are some ways in which a South Korean male can be exempt from enlisting. These exemptions include certain health issues or even whether a person has helped with South Korea’s economic development.

BTS previously fell into the second category and were asked if they would like to be exempt from serving military service. However, all of the members disagreed and explained that they would rather honor and serve their country.

As of now, Jin has enlisted in December 2022, followed by J-Hope in April 2023. Suga is the next member to enlist this year. RM is required to enlist before the end of 2025, whereas Jimin and V are expected to do so by 2026. Lastly, the youngest of the group Jungkook will have to enlist by the end of 2028.

Needless to say, the world is more than happy to take a glimpse of the full group magic soon! Are you an ARMY? Tell us your favorite BTS song below.

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