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These Inkblot Tests Might Reveal Your Personality

By Albulena Murturi


19 January 2024

inkblot test

©️ Psychobook, by Julian Rothenstein

Ever looked at an inkblot and wondered what it might reveal about you? Turns out, those seemingly random blobs of ink aren’t just for artists – they are windows into the workings of your mind.

Invented by Swiss psychologist Hermann Rorschach in the early 20th century, these inkblot tests aimed to measure underlying thought disorders. They were considered a tool to gain insight into an individual’s personality structure. At the time these tests had become powerful tools in the hands of experts to understand your thoughts and emotions.

Nowadays they are not considered reliable by mainstream Psychology. However, just as we can not prove their reliability, we also can not prove the lack of it. In the end, we think that they still can tell us something.

Inkblot Tests

What we are about to share stands as a modern iteration of Rorschach’s inkblot test, fostering dialogue on perceptual variances and self-reflection. The photos below are taken from “Psychobook”, a book by Julian Rothenstein and interpreted by Will Hobson, the author of “The Redstone Inkblot Test: The Ultimate Game of Personality.” Hobson determined their underlying meaning based on what the viewer sees.

1st Test: What Do You See?

inkblot test
©️ Psychobook, by Julian Rothenstein

1. A Roasted Chicken

If you saw a roast chicken, apparently you are someone who has moments of self-doubt but is crystal clear about your needs and focuses on achieving them. You are not into feeling disconnected and would rather be seen as passionate than spend time pondering the meaning of life. I mean, who has time for that, right?

2. Someone in a Wig

If you spotted a faceless woman or a woman with a wig, hold on to your high standards, my friend! You expect others to match up, even if you are not entirely sold on the idea that patience is a virtue. It’s a vibe.

3. Cartoonish Cat

For those who saw a cartoon-like cat, you might come off as a bit assertive, but deep down, you are just diving into everything headfirst, handling challenges as they come. You are passionate, perhaps more than you let on, and having someone supportive is crucial for you

4. A Doctor Examining a Patient’s Jaw

If you envisioned a doctor checking a patient’s jaw, well, life for you is not a walk in the park. You believe in authenticity, accepting that people won’t always get along. Disagreements? They are just a part of the journey.

5. A Tower or Rocket

Last but not least, if a tower or rocket shape catches your eye, buckle up because you are an overachiever. You thrive on challenges, making you a prized team member in the professional world. Just a small note: maybe ease up a bit on the control – life doesn’t always need a detailed plan.

2nd Test: What Do You See?

inkblot test
©️ Psychobook, by Julian Rothenstein

1. A Person Praying

So, if you see two figures leaning forward or a person deep in prayer in the whole image, you are probably one of those deep thinkers. You know, the imaginative types who get that concentration and patience are key to getting things done right. You are all about committing to excellence in the things that really matter to you.

2. A Racing Car

If you are getting vibes of a racing car or just an overall sense of speed, or maybe you spot two cute furry animals right at the center, you are in for a wild ride of imagination. People notice you for your creative flair. You are not just here in the real world – you are building alternative realities in your mind. You are the kind who can understand different points of view and picture yourself conquering great heights or facing some epic challenges.

3. A Dentist or Barber’s Chair

If the whole image is giving you dentist or barber chair vibes, then you are bringing some serious sensitivity and generosity to the table. You are all about extracting the good stuff from life, even if you feel things a bit more intensely. Wearing your heart on your sleeve, you attract people who want to take care of you, although sometimes, recognizing real intimacy can be a bit tricky. And don’t even get started on how drained you can feel in formal settings.

4. Two Dark Figures Encroaching Upon Another Figure

If you are reading two dark figures doing who-knows-what to another figure, you might be someone who is all about progressing through some serious detours. Unfinished emails and unmade phone calls seem to be your signature move – a perpetual work in progress, just like the rest of us. Life for you is like a constant draft, always evolving and never quite reaching the final version. Keep rocking those detours!

This whole optical illusion personality test thing is like the modern-day Rorschach test, but with a twist. Whether you buy into it or not, it’s a fun way to spark conversations about how we perceive the world and ourselves.

So, do you agree with the interpretations derived from these inkblot tests? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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