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Serena William’s Baby Gender Reveal Is Worth-Witnessing

By Orgesta Tolaj


8 August 2023

Serena Williams Baby Gender reveal

© serenawilliams / Instagram

Serena Williams and her husband Alexis Ohanian are eagerly awaiting the arrival of another precious addition to their family. The retired tennis star, who is already a loving mom to her adorable daughter Olympia, 5, recently shared a heartwarming moment from their baby gender reveal party on July 31.

Serena recently uploaded a video on her youtube channel where she excitedly expressed that she would reveal her second baby’s gender! She joked about being on “team pink,” and then revealed that she has no plans on what to do if they are going to have a baby boy.

Serena Williams Baby Gender reveal
© serenawilliams / Instagram

Serena Williams Baby Gender Reveal

During the party, Alexis surprised Serena with a cake that was supposed to reveal the baby’s gender through either pink or blue icing inside. However, he cheekily decided to troll them both by making the inside of the cake yellow instead, playfully calling it the reveal of “Jellybean,” which is their little one’s nickname.

But don’t fret! The real gender reveal was just around the corner. A display of lights illuminated the night sky, spelling out the magical words, that revealed the gender of the baby. And, drum roll, please… It’s a “GIRL!”. The couple was more than happy to receive this news and they continued to share the moment with their family and close loved ones.

The Story Continues

The excitement doesn’t stop here. Another great and memorable moment that happened during the baby gender reveal, was Venus Williams’ (Serena’s sister), reaction to seeing the cake. Nobody told the superstar that the cake was going to be a prank and her hilarious reaction had everyone on the internet talking about it.

© serena / TikTok

Fans were more than delighted to see her confused face and reaction to the yellow. This made them turn the face into a meme! We are definitely grateful that Serena chose to share this moment on TikTok. Definitely wouldn’t want to miss out on this!

Now, full of love, Serena and Alexis are looking forward to growing their family and showering their new baby girl with all the love and care they can offer. We offer our congratulations to the happy couple on this beautiful journey of parenthood!

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