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How Is O.J. Simpson Connected to the Kardashian Family?

By Orgesta Tolaj


15 April 2024

O.J. Simpson Kardashian family

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The Kardashian family is one of the most famous and influential families in Hollywood. But did you know that they have a surprising connection to former NFL player and infamous figure O.J. Simpson? The link between the two may come as a shock to some, however, it is now more important than ever to discuss their connection ever since Simpson was found dead at his home. Here is what you need to know.

Who Is O.J. Simpson?

O.J. Simpson, a former football star, became infamous for his involvement in the highly publicized murder trial of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ron Goldman in the 1990s. The trial gripped the nation’s attention then and remains a subject of interest today. On the other hand, the Kardashians gained fame through their reality TV show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and have since become widely recognized figures.

O.J. Simpson Kardashian family
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How Is O.J. Simpson Linked to the Kardashian Family?

O.J. Simpson had a longstanding friendship with the Kardashian family, dating back to their college years in the late 1960s. They initially met at the University of Southern California and later bonded further in the early 1970s. This connection predated Robert Kardashian’s involvement in Simpson’s defense team during the infamous murder trial. Simpson passed away on April 10, after battling cancer. The Kardashians, including Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, and Robert Jr., later gained widespread recognition through their reality TV show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”

O.J. Simpson Kardashian family
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Robert Kardashian married Kris (born Kristen Mary Houghton), while their friend O.J. Simpson met Nicole Brown, a waitress at The Daisy in Beverly Hills. Simpson married Nicole in 1985 after divorcing his first wife, Marguerite. Kris Kardashian described Nicole as bringing happiness to O.J. and emphasized their strong connection, saying, “They were golden together.”

Their Story Continues

The Kardashian and Simpson families were close, with Simpson visiting Kris and Robert in the hospital after the birth of their first daughter, Kourtney, as detailed in Kris Jenner’s 2011 memoir. Simpson had two children, Sydney and Justin, with Nicole Brown. Additionally, he had three children, Arnelle, Jason, and Aaren, with his ex-wife Marguerite.

O.J. Simpson Kardashian family
© kimkardashian / Instagram & Wikimedia Commons

Kim Kardashian reminisced in a 2009 interview with Howard Stern about spring breaks spent in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, with Nicole Brown. Khloe Kardashian also remembered Nicole fondly, describing her as “incredibly sweet” in the same interview. In a 2009 episode of “E! True Hollywood Story,” Khloe referred to O.J. Simpson as “Uncle O.J.” and Nicole as “Auntie Nicole,” highlighting their close familial relationship.

The Double Divorce

Robert and Kris Kardashian divorced in 1991, and a year later, in 1992, Nicole Brown and O.J. Simpson divorced. There was a documented history of abuse from Simpson towards Nicole. Kris Kardashian mentioned in her memoir that she had been aware of Nicole’s struggles in her marriage but refrained from asking about it, a decision she later regretted.

O.J. Simpson Kardashian family
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Arrested for the Murder of Ex-Wife

In 1994, O.J. Simpson was arrested for the murder of Nicole Brown and waiter Ron Goldman. He enlisted Robert Kardashian to be part of his legal team, causing strain on their once-friendly relationship and affecting their children. The FX series “American Crime Story: The People vs O.J. Simpson” depicted a scene where Simpson threatened suicide in Kim’s bedroom at Robert’s house.

Is Any of It True?

In a 1996 interview with Barbara Walters on “20/20,” Robert Kardashian confirmed that the scene in which O.J. Simpson was depicted in Kim’s room with a gun, looking at photos of Nicole and his children, was not fiction. It was based on a real incident.

In a 1996 interview with Barbara Walters, Robert Kardashian revealed that he had prayed with O.J. Simpson after Simpson threatened suicide, pleading with him not to go through with it. He expressed his concern about the impact it would have on his daughter, saying, “I could never walk in this room, my daughter couldn’t sleep in this bed. She’d know what happened.” However, on “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” Khloe Kardashian mentioned that it was actually her room, not Kim’s, where the incident occurred. Robert Kardashian passed away in 2003 from esophageal cancer, but the memories of the trial continued to affect the family.

How Did Kris Feel About the Divorce and Trial?

In a 2009 interview on “Dr. Phil,” Kris Jenner described the divide caused by Robert Kardashian’s involvement in O.J. Simpson’s defense team as “devastating” to the family. She highlighted the challenging situation of having Robert on the defense team while coping with the loss of her friend Nicole. Kris emphasized the importance of the family uniting and not letting the situation tear them apart.

O.J. Simpson Kardashian family
© khloekardashian / Instagram

Kris Jenner shared in the same interview that just before the trial began, Robert Kardashian wrote a heartfelt handwritten letter to the family, acknowledging their disagreement with his decision to support O.J. Simpson. He explained that he believed in what he was doing and asked for their support as his friends.

The Kardashian Family Was Also at the O.J. Simpson’s Trial

In a recent interview with GQ, Kim Kardashian recounted how her father, Robert Kardashian, pulled her and Kourtney out of school to witness a piece of history during O.J. Simpson’s trial. Despite their mother’s surprise at seeing them there, Kim and Kourtney didn’t acknowledge her presence.

kim with robert
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In a 2009 interview with Howard Stern, Kim Kardashian explained that she and Kourtney tended to spend more time with their father at the time because they felt their mother had remarried too quickly after their parent’s divorce, which hurt their father. Khloe added that as kids, it was difficult for them to navigate their parents’ divorce, feeling restricted in discussing one parent while staying with the other.

How Did the Connection Between O.J. Simpson and the Kardashian Family Dissolve?

After O.J. Simpson was acquitted on October 3, 1995, his friendship with Robert Kardashian came to an end. Kim Kardashian recalled her father looking “shocked” after the verdict. When asked about the fallout between her father and Simpson, Kim told Howard Stern that her father kept it away from them. She remembered visiting Simpson’s house with her father after he was released from jail but didn’t see him again afterward, suggesting they had a falling out.

kim with robert
© kimkardashian / Instagram

Khloe Kardashian revealed to Howard Stern that following the O.J. Simpson trial, her parents and step-dad became friendlier, even playing golf together. However, during the trial, it was difficult for the kids. Over time, the friendship between the Kardashian girls and Simpson and Nicole’s children faded.

Did you know that O.J. Simpson was linked this closely to the Kardashian family?

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