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Six Flags Unveils World’s Tallest Rollercoaster

By Orgesta Tolaj


22 November 2023

Six Flags unveils World’s tallest rollercoaster

© Intamin

Are you ready to fly high? You will get a chance to sooner than you think! Well, sort of. Six Flags is unveiling a new ride, which is set to become the world’s tallest rollercoaster. So, you will definitely have the chance to feel the clouds as close as possible. But, what is the entire plan for the rollercoaster, and when is it set to launch? Here is everything you need to know about the “Falcon’s Flight.”

The World’s Tallest Rollercoaster

Rollercoaster manufacturers have revealed plans for the Falcon’s Flight, which is set to become the world’s tallest and fastest rollercoaster. Additionally, the ride will reach heights exceeding 600 feet and achieve speeds of over 150 mph, promising an exhilarating experience for amusement park enthusiasts.

Six Flags unveils World’s tallest rollercoaster
© Intamin

The Falcon’s Flight, set to be the world’s tallest and fastest rollercoaster, is currently under construction. Ride designer Intamin has released a simulation video to give a glimpse of the thrilling experience. Philippe Gas, the CEO of Six Flags Qiddaya in Saudi Arabia where the rollercoaster will be located, emphasized the uniqueness of the ride. The details were disclosed in anticipation of the park’s opening next year.

More Info on the “Falcon’s Flight”

The upcoming “Exa” coaster, categorized as any ride over 600 feet high, is poised to be a colossal addition to the world of rollercoasters. Furthermore, its creator envisions a skyscraper-sized thrill with a heart-stopping maximum drop of 640 feet and a 14-passenger train capable of reaching speeds up to 156 mph, according to When the Falcon’s Flight, as it’s named, is unveiled, it is expected to significantly surpass the current record holder for height, Kingda Ka in Six Flags Great Adventure, New Jersey, standing at 456 feet.

Six Flags unveils World’s tallest rollercoaster
© Intamin

Moreover, the Falcon’s Flight will outpace Dubai’s Formula Rossa rollercoaster, which currently holds the speed record at 149 mph. The anticipation surrounding this engineering marvel is heightened by its promise to offer a one-of-a-kind experience in the realm of amusement park attractions.

Who Holds the Record for the World’s Tallest Rollercoaster As of Now?

Formula Rossa is a high-speed rollercoaster located at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, not in Dubai. It is renowned for being the world’s fastest rollercoaster, capable of reaching speeds of up to 149 mph (240 km/h). Additionally, the coaster simulates the experience of being in a Ferrari Formula One car and provides an exhilarating ride for thrill-seekers. Moreover, the Ferrari World is an indoor amusement park dedicated to the Ferrari brand and is home to various attractions and rides inspired by Ferrari’s automotive legacy.


The coaster features a hydraulic launch system similar to the technology used in aircraft carriers. This system propels the rollercoaster using magnetic technology, catapulting it to its top speed in a matter of seconds. Additionally, due to the extreme speed of the coaster, there are specific rider requirements, including height restrictions and health considerations. Riders are required to wear safety goggles to protect their eyes from the high speeds.

Will you be taking a ride on the new world’s tallest rollercoaster?

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