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Why Is the Snickers Candy Bar Even Called Snickers’?

By Orgesta Tolaj


18 November 2023

snickers candy bar


Ever wondered why your favorite candy bar goes by the name ‘Snickers’? We have got you covered! From the early days of hand-dipping chocolates to the creation of molasses chips, this is the interesting story behind why the Snickers candy bar is called just that. No spoilers, but it actually involves a sprinkle of history, a bit of creativity, and a whole lot of caramel and peanuts!

Snickers: You’re Not You When You’re Hungry

Snickers, known as the world’s best-selling chocolate bar, is a popular household name among chocolate lovers. Recognizable for its famous slogans like ‘You’re not you when you’re hungry’ and ‘Get some nuts!,’ this iconic American chocolate bar features nougat, caramel, and peanuts, all encased in milk chocolate.

It was introduced in 1930 and declared to be ‘at the top’ by the Mars Company. Additionally, it has a unique backstory behind its name that remains relatively unknown despite the chocolate bar’s enduring success.

The History Behind the Snickers Candy Bar and Its Name

The origins of Snickers trace back to 1911 when Frank and Ethel Mars attempted to establish a sweets factory. However, it unfortunately didn’t thrive. Undeterred, they pivoted to their next venture, the ‘Mar-o-Bar’ company, later evolving into the Mars Company. The turning point came with the success of their Milky Way chocolate bar, marking the start of their prosperity.

With newfound financial resources, the couple invested in a sizable 3,000-acre horse breeding farm in Tennessee. It was named ‘The Milky Way Farm’ to commemorate their triumph. Tragically, just before the launch of a new chocolate bar, Ethel’s beloved horse, Snickers, passed away. In tribute to him, the couple decided to name the new creation Snickers.

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Manufactured in Chicago, the Snickers bar made its debut with a modest price tag of just five cents. This confectionery tale weaves together business ventures, personal losses, and sweet success, forming the unique backstory behind the creation and naming of the iconic Snickers chocolate bar.

Who Is Frank Mars?

Frank Mars, born in 1883, founded the Mars Company and played a pivotal role in the chocolate industry. Despite facing childhood polio, he learned the art of hand-dipping chocolate sweets during his illness. Renowned for his love of experimentation and recipe creation, Mars, at the age of 19, discovered his talent for making molasses chips and began selling them locally.

With a sweet tooth, Mars took charge of a wholesale candy firm in Minneapolis in the same year he married Ethel. In 1911, he moved to Seattle, where his candy manufacturing experiments led to the establishment of The Mar-o-Bar company. This marked the beginning of a storied history in the confectionery world.

After a life dedicated to the chocolate industry, Frank Mars passed away in 1933, collapsing on the floor of his Chicago factory. His legacy lives on through the enduring success of the Mars Company and iconic creations like the Snickers chocolate bar.

What Was Snickers Called Before?

In the UK, Snickers was temporarily renamed Marathon between 1967 and 1990 due to concerns about the original name rhyming with ‘knickers,’ which could lead to controversy. In 1990, Mars aimed for universal product names and reverted to calling it Snickers. Despite the unchanged recipe, some UK fans resisted the switch, remaining attached to the Marathon name.

The modern full-sized Snickers bar we recognize today was introduced in 1968, driven by a global increase in satisfaction levels. Additionally, in 1989, the Snickers ice cream bar was created, expanding the brand’s product offerings.

Are you a fan of Snickers bars? Or do you prefer other chocolate bars instead?

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