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Here’s How Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas Celebrated the Holidays

By Orgesta Tolaj


27 December 2023

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas Holidays

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Ready to end the year with a bang? Well, these two are! Insiders have shown that Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas have been spotted enjoying the holiday season. This comes after their recent and messy divorce. The celebrity couple, who announced their split earlier this year, were allegedly spending the holidays alone with their children. However, some speculations about whether they met up or not have also risen.

How Did Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas Spend Their Holidays After the Divorce?

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are navigating a period of transition as they spend the 2023 holidays as divorced individuals. The couple, who announced their separation four months ago, is prioritizing time with their two children, a 3-year-old daughter Willa, and a 16-month-old daughter with the initials DMJ. As per court documents obtained by E! News, Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas have divided holiday time equally based on their temporary custody agreement.

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas holidays
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For Thanksgiving, Jonas spent time with their daughters before they traveled to the United Kingdom to celebrate Christmas with Turner. Following the agreed-upon arrangement, Jonas flew to the UK with their daughters on December 17. Turner will celebrate the start of 2024 with the girls in the UK, and they plan to return to New York City in early January, marking a new phase after the couple officially confirmed their split in a joint statement in September.

Some Are Speculating That They Spent the Holidays Together

Sophie Turner is currently in England with her two daughters, Willa (3) and Delphine (19 months), for the holidays. The Game of Thrones actress has had custody of the children since December 16, and they will be spending Christmas and New Year’s in London.

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas holidays
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According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, Turner is expected to have custody of the children until January 7. There is a possibility that Joe Jonas, the father, might join them during this time. However, recent sightings of the 34-year-old singer Joe Jonas in the same city as Sophie Turner have sparked speculation that they might be planning to celebrate the holidays together.

Messy Divorce

Joe Jonas officially filed for divorce from “Game of Thrones” star Sophie Turner on September 1st earlier this year. He has two daughters with Turner. Reports emerged with allegations detailing the breakdown of their relationship, including claims from multiple sources to TMZ that Joe overheard something through a Ring camera that made him realize their marriage was “irretrievably broken.”

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According to an insider, alleged partying by Sophie Turner was cited as a factor in the split, with the source stating that she enjoys partying while Joe Jonas prefers a more home-oriented lifestyle. Additionally, it was revealed that Joe had been “unhappy” for some time prior to the separation.

This year generally marked a messy list of celebrity break-ups and divorces. But, what did you think of this duo? And since we still have no news on why they decided to really end things, why do you think Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas broke up?

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