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Stray Dog Rescues Abandoned Baby After Family Let Go of Her

By Orgesta Tolaj


19 December 2023

stray dog rescues abandoned baby

© Newsflash & Evan Clark / Unsplash

The time has come for dogs to showcase more humane capabilities than their human counterparts. This situation clearly shows how caring and loving dogs can be. A stray dog has managed to rescue an abandoned baby and people who saw the news were shocked to find out a mistreated dog had more heart than an actual family.

Stray Dog Rescues Abandoned Baby

A stray dog in Tripoli, Lebanon, discovered an abandoned baby girl in a garbage bag at the town hall. The dog miraculously carried the infant to safety, saving her from potential harm by wild animals. The mother is believed to have abandoned the baby, and the incident highlights the extraordinary rescue by the compassionate stray dog.

© SahaR_bei / Twitter

After finding the abandoned baby in the garbage bag, the stray dog began dragging it. This attracted the attention of a passer-by who heard the infant’s cries. The child was subsequently taken to the Islamic Hospital in Tripoli. The baby was later transferred to another care facility for further attention and care. Photographs of the rescued baby girl reveal apparent bruises and abrasions on her face and body. This indicates that she may have experienced some form of physical harm or mistreatment.

How the Internet Reacted

The news of the abandoned baby’s miraculous rescue quickly circulated online. This prompted numerous social media users to express a willingness to adopt the child. A commentator on social media disagreed with the notion that dogs are unclean animals. They emphasized their humanity, kindness, cunning, and intelligence.

The commentator expressed a belief that some animals, particularly dogs, exhibit more compassion than certain individuals, referring to them as “satanic mutants in human form.” Another tweet echoed the sentiment that animals, including dogs, possess greater compassion than humans.

What Were the Intentions Of the Abandoned Baby Case?

Ghassan Rifi, a journalist in Tripoli, raised doubts about the motives behind the person who abandoned the baby. In an online post in Arabic, he questioned whether the individual intended to leave the child in an area for wild animals to harm her or to attract attention. Regardless of the intention, Rifi asserted that the dog that rescued the baby displayed more humanity in the face of the apparent cruelty and criminality of the person who abandoned her.

What Happened Next?

The condition of the rescued baby girl was reported by local media as serious but stable. However, the hospital did not offer further details, as public institutions were closed for the celebration of the Islamic New Year. Police are actively investigating the incident and working to locate the individuals who abandoned the baby.

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