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Tory Lanez Faces 10-Year Sentence

By Orgesta Tolaj


10 August 2023

Tory Lanez 10 year sentence

© Tory Lanez, Megan The Stallion / Instagram

Canadian rapper Tory Lanez was given a 10-year prison sentence on Tuesday by the Los Angeles County Superior Court, following an assault on Megan Thee Stallion.

The trial began on Monday and concluded on Tuesday, and concluded the case in which, Megan Thee Stallion was a victim of “continuous attacks” from Tory Lanez. The case was an immense eye-opener for the violence against Black women.

Tory Lanez, whose real name is Daystar Peterson, previously pleaded not guilty to all charges including assault with a firearm and illegal possession of a firearm.

The Current Guilty Verdict

Although Lanez’s previous statement caused an uproar amongst the general public, in a shocking twist of events, the Canadian rapper stood in front of the jury and apologized for the night in 2020 and said that he would take full responsibility for his actions.

Tory Lanez 10 year sentence
© Darius Brodesser / YouTube

After the court sentenced him, Lanez remained quiet even after showing a surprised face. The mother of his son cried as she left the courtroom. Lanez’s legal team plans to appeal both the sentence and conviction, along with filing for bail during the appeal process.

Despite Lanez being described as a loving father and philanthropist, the judge found it hard to reconcile his actions. The judge emphasized that even good people can make mistakes and that there are no winners in this case. Deputy District Attorney Alex Bott highlighted Lanez’s actions of calling Megan a liar, intimidating her, and subjecting her to harassment, in addition to the shooting incident itself.

The Canadian Rapper’s Prison Sentence

Besides the 10-year prison sentence, Tory Lanez may also face deportation. However, one of his attorneys has specified that this is not the point of discussion at the moment. When asked whether they believe that Tory Lanez might be granted a shorter sentence, Baez, Lanez’s attorney, said that they are currently trying to negotiate to let Lanez off on probation and instead offer him rehabilitation for his alcohol addiction.

The attorneys claimed that Tory Lanez is having trouble with post-traumatic stress disorder from when his mother passed away when he was 11. However, prosecutors clarified that the case has nothing to do with mental instability and have said that Lanez needs to reap the consequences of what he sow.

The Los Angeles Court District has described the case as an opportunity to discuss the severity of gun violence and celebrity accountability and how black women are forced and belittled for speaking up against violence and discrimination.

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