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How True Are the Bruno Mars Gambling Debt Rumors?

By Orgesta Tolaj


19 March 2024

Bruno Mars gambling debt rumors

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“Stop! Wait a minute!” Bruno Mars is getting caught up in it! The star who is known for mega-hits like ‘Treasure’ is now facing immense gambling debt rumors. The rumors suggest that the Grammy-winning artist may be facing some financial troubles in the form of a hefty gambling debt of over $50 Million with the iconic casino giant, MGM Resorts International. But, how true are the claims really?

The Bruno Mars Gambling Debt Rumors

A report from NewsNation last week alleged that the musician Mars had accumulated over $50 million in gambling debt at MGM. The report referenced an anonymous source familiar with the situation, claiming that Mars earned approximately $90 million annually from his performances at MGM, but a significant portion of that income was being used to settle his gambling debts. The report suggested that after taxes, Mars would only net around $1.5 million per night, implying that MGM exerted significant control over him due to his financial obligations to the casino.

Bruno Mars gambling debt rumors
© Kathy Hutchins / Vecteezy

MGM Replies to the Gambling Debt Rumors

MGM Resorts defended Bruno Mars against rumors of debt with the casino, stating that the allegations were “completely false” and confirming that Mars had no debt with MGM, according to a spokesperson for MGM Resorts International.

Their statement included: “We’re proud of our relationship with Bruno Mars, one of the world’s most thrilling and dynamic performers. From his shows at Dolby Live at Park MGM to the new Pinky Ring lounge at Bellagio, Bruno’s brand of entertainment attracts visitors from around the globe. MGM and Bruno’s partnership is longstanding and rooted in mutual respect. Any speculation otherwise is completely false; he has no debt with MGM. Together, we are excited to continue creating unforgettable experiences for our guests.”

What About His Company?

Representatives for Bruno Mars declined to comment on the rumors regarding his alleged gambling debt. Moreover, they directed inquiries to MGM’s statement denying the allegations. Mars has been performing Las Vegas residencies since 2016 and has a multi-year partnership with MGM Resorts. Recently, Mars collaborated with the casino to launch the Pinky Ring cocktail bar and entertainment lounge at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino, featuring live performances curated by Mars himself.

Bruno Mars gambling debt rumors
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Did you believe the Bruno Mars gambling debt rumors?

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