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Boy or Girl? Uber Driver Delivers Baby in Her Car Unexpectedly

By Orgesta Tolaj


3 November 2023

Uber Driver Delivers Baby

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Tip your Uber drivers well! Why you might ask? Well, you never know what measures they might take to help you out. In the vibrant city of São Paulo, Brazil, on what initially appeared to be a routine day, an Uber driver named Iara Alencar dos Santos found herself thrust into an extraordinary and unexpected situation. Instead of simply providing transportation to a passenger, Iara became a vital part of an incredible event. And you guessed it, it is the birth of a child! This remarkable incident unfolded right in the back seat of her car, turning an ordinary ride into a life-changing and unforgettable experience.

Uber Driver Delivers Baby For Passenger

A woman named Sandy unexpectedly went into labor while being driven by her driver, Iara, in Brasília, Brazil. Iara had no prior knowledge of Sandy’s pregnancy. Video footage captures the remarkable moment when Sandy gave birth in the backseat of the car. Iara recalled the mother saying:

It’s out” and Iara asked her: “What’s out, girl?” To which Sandy immediately says: “The head!

© Jam Press Vid

In the video provided by Uber’s Dascham, you can hear Iara saying: “My God in heaven“. She then immediately stops the car to help Sandra give birth. Afterward, in a heartwarming moment, Sandy gives birth in the backseat of the car, and her driver, Iara, holds the crying baby in her arms. This allowed the mother to have a well-deserved rest.

The Birth of the Uber Baby

Baby Yure Adrian was born within minutes, just yards from the hospital. The driver, Iara, stopped the car and alerted the medical staff by honking the horn. The baby had the umbilical cord around his neck, which Iara carefully removed. She felt no fear and described the moment as incredible. Doctors later cut the cord while it was still in Iara’s hand, and the baby urinated on her clothes. Sandy and Yure were then taken to the hospital, and Iara was able to leave.

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Where Are They Now?

Sandy and her newborn son, Yure Adrian, are reported to be in good health. Sandy, who also has a toddler daughter, has already been discharged from the hospital. Her husband, Michael Adrian, who was not present during the dramatic birth as he had left for work, expressed deep gratitude for the compassionate assistance provided by the Uber driver, Iara. He was touched by the care and support she offered during the unexpected delivery, and he described it as a godsend. Michael emphasized the rarity of finding such compassion in others and noted that Iara didn’t even charge for the trip, despite the car getting dirty during the birth.

Yure is expected to be discharged from the hospital in the coming days, and Michael is eagerly looking forward to ordering an Uber to transport his family home from the hospital when the time comes. The entire experience has left the family with a profound sense of gratitude for Iara’s kindness and support during their time of need.

If you were an Uber driver, do you think you would have been brave enough to do the same service as Iara?

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