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Vegan Horse Riding WITHOUT Any Horses Has Sparked Reactions

By Orgesta Tolaj


16 August 2023

Vegan Horse Riding

©️ Leandro Lopes / Pexels, No Comment TV / YouTube

Hey there, fellow adventurers and animal enthusiasts! Ever heard of Vegan Horse Riding without horses? Yeah, we know, it sounds like a riddle from a quirky game show. But guess what? It’s a real thing, and it’s about to flip your idea of horse riding upside down (without the actual horses, of course!). Get ready to explore a whole new way of horsing around that’s all about fun, ethics, and a touch of ‘Wait, what?’ excitement.

Why “Vegan”?

The term “vegan” is often associated with avoiding the use of animal products or the exploitation of animals for various purposes, including food, clothing, and entertainment. In the context of “Equestrian Vegan Horse Riding without Horses,” the word “vegan” is used to convey the idea that the horse riding experience is designed to align with ethical and animal-friendly principles.

In traditional horse riding, actual horses are used as a means of transportation and enjoyment. However, some individuals and groups may have concerns about the well-being of the animals, the environmental impact of horsekeeping, or may simply want to enjoy horse riding without the need for actual animals. This is where the term “vegan” comes into play.

By using the term “vegan” in this context, the article emphasizes that the horse riding experience has been crafted to align with values that prioritize animal welfare and ethical considerations. It’s a way of indicating that this alternative form of horse riding aims to provide the joy and essence of the activity without directly involving live animals.

The New Viral Vegan Horse Riding Trend

This “equestrian” sport has been long claimed as animal-friendly riding, showcasing a variety of sustainable equestrian activities and even showing the possibilities of ethical horse riding. Hobbyhorsing became a big thing because it is super easygoing and requires minimal requirements. Getting started is also considered a piece of cake.

hobby horses
© hobbyhorse_land / Instagram

There’s a video making the rounds online, showing some kids who are having fun with their toy horses. This has certainly created a social media buzz, with overwhelming online reactions. It’s a quirky and fun sport where players hop onto a stick with a horse head made of fabric. People had all sorts of reactions to this video, especially on Instagram.


Vegan horse riding, a sport without horses #sport #horse #vegan

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What Exactly Is Hobby Horsing?

Hobby Horsing actually started in Finland and it’s a hit with the folks over there. Now, riding a real horse is a whole different scenario. Being an equestrian and owning a horse can actually be quite expensive. Those majestic creatures demand a lot of care, and it costs quite a lot to keep them happy. That kind of luxury is usually reserved for the wealthy.

On the flip side, Hobby Horsing is like the budget version of becoming an equestrian. It’s cheaper, and you don’t even have to worry about finding a stable for your ‘horses.’ You might probably think that this sport is some sort of underground thing, but that is not the case at all. It’s catching on like wildfire and has even found a new fanbase all the way in Australia.

The world of vegan horse riding opens up a new realm of possibilities that challenges traditional practices without compromising our love for these magnificent creatures. So, saddle up and ride on with a conscious heart, because when it comes to vegan horse riding, the journey is as meaningful as the destination!

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