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New Viral Hit – Hailey Bieber Strawberry Makeup

By Orgesta Tolaj


27 August 2023

hailey bieber strawberry

© haileybieber / Instagram

What do Hailey Bieber and strawberries have in common? Well apparently, more than I myself initially thought! The fashion mogul recently made headlines for a new makeup look named after food. And people on TikTok have been “eating up” these food-themed make-up looks.

Here is how you can re-create this simple yet effective look yourself and get that glowy “coquette-inspired” style at home!

The Viral Hailey Bieber Strawberry Make-Up Video

Hailey Bieber shared a TikTok video on August 5th wearing a classic grey Looney Tunes T-shirt, complemented by gold jewelry and her freshly adorned candy crush manicure. This is not the first time the fashionista shared her makeup looks through a GRWM (Get Ready With Me), but something looked different this time.

While her routines always start with a set of skin prep with products from her brand RHODE, Hailey decided to soft launch a different product with the strawberry make-up look. Her upcoming make-up release is, you guessed it, “strawberry-themed”!

The Strawberry Makeup Routine

Hailey Bieber started with contouring and concealer application. She mixed two undisclosed pink cream blushes to achieve strawberry-like cheeks, followed by a peachy highlighter for a dewy look. She added warmth to her eyes with bronzer and applied subtle brown liquid liner, mascara, and faux freckles.

Her lips were lined with a favorite pencil, then colored with the same cream blushes used on her cheeks. This was possibly hinting at a new lip and cheek duo product. She finished the look with an upcoming strawberry-flavored Rhode Peptide Lip Treatment. Bieber’s fans are eagerly awaiting details on these potential new launches while recreating her summery makeup look.

The most important part of the look happens when Bieber blends two cream blushes, one light pink and the other dark pink, along her cheek contours. She also hints at new Rhode Beauty items by saying, “I can’t tell you where these cream blushes are from.” She finished the sentence off with a wink.


Everday Strawberry Makeup 🍓💋

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The New Rhode Strawberry Line

Hailey Bieber is said to pair up with Krispy Kreme Doughnuts to send out PR packages to fellow make-up lovers and online influencers. Some of them have already received their packages which contain three strawberry Krispy Kreme doughnuts and a Peptide Lip Treatment.

Rhode’s latest Lip Peptide Treatment (LPT) flavor is unsurprisingly named “strawberry glazed donut.” If the name rings a bell, that’s because it’s the same name as her widely popular Erewhon smoothie that went viral on TikTok.

With the number of trends that come and go, it is not surprising to see the new looks that celebrities are also coming up with. Hailey Bieber previously went viral for her “glazed-donut” look. What do you think, is “strawberry makeup” the new “glazed donut” of the year? It is definitely refreshing to see minimalistic looks being trendy nowadays!

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