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What Is the New Bed Rotting TikTok Trend About?

By Orgesta Tolaj


26 April 2024

bed rotting tiktok trend

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Have you heard about the latest TikTok trend that has everyone talking? The “Bed Rotting” TikTok trend has taken the internet by storm, with many users curious about what it entails and why it’s gaining so much attention. But how did it manage to become such a big deal, and where did it even originate from?

What Is Bed Rotting?

“Bed rotting” is a self-care trend popularized on TikTok where individuals spend extended periods, sometimes entire days or weekends, in bed. This involves activities like napping, scrolling through social media, watching TV, and eating. The concept aims to combat tiredness and burnout by allowing individuals to recharge and relax in the comfort of their beds.

Is the Bed Rotting TikTok Trend Healthy?

Contrary to its name, bed rotting may actually have some benefits. It can be a healthy self-care practice if done mindfully. Understanding the reasons behind it and monitoring the duration and frequency are key. While taking a day to rest in bed can be beneficial, it may become problematic if used to avoid responsibilities, particularly for those with mental health issues.

bed rotting Tiktok trend
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This activity can be viewed as a self-care moment, a brief period of relaxation. However, it becomes concerning if it extends beyond occasional weekends or if it’s used to escape responsibilities or emotions. This behavior might signal an underlying issue that needs attention.

Why Has Bed Rotting Become a TikTok Trend?

The term itself simply means staying in bed for extended periods, normalizing the behavior. While relaxing in bed on days off can be enjoyable, some TikTok users are using bed rotting to cope with anxiety or stress. This trend has sparked debate about its health benefits. Ultimately, there’s no universal right or wrong way to unwind, but opinions on the trend’s impact on health vary among social media users.

While this is a form of self-care, it can also indicate underlying mental health issues. For individuals with depression, it may signal withdrawal and lack of social connections. Anxiety sufferers might find short-term relief, but it’s not a sustainable coping mechanism, potentially reinforcing avoidance behaviors in the long run.

bed rotting Tiktok trend
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Sleep experts also express concern about staying in bed during waking hours, fearing it could disrupt sleep cycles. While acknowledging the intent of self-care behind bed rotting, it is important to use beds primarily for sleep and intimacy to maintain healthy sleep habits.

Have you tried the bed rotting Tiktok trend yet?

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