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Where Do Celebrities Live? – From Mansions to Beach Houses

By Orgesta Tolaj


27 August 2023

Where do celebrities live? Justin Bieber kissing Hailey

Although being rich and famous means sacrificing your private life, having big and luxurious houses is definitely a big plus point! From gorgeous poolside beach houses to modern megamansions, these celebrities are able to create a filled house portfolio easily.

Let’s have a look at ten of the most gorgeous and breathtaking mansions where celebrities live.

1. Lady Gaga

Price: $23 million
Location: Malibu, California

lady gaga house
© Los Angeles Homes & ladygaga / Instagram

The icon who is known for her daring outfits and song choices, is definitely no stranger to a beautiful house as well! Gaga boasts a couple of properties in her portfolio, one of which is a truly remarkable $23 million Malibu mansion.

2. Jennifer Lopez

Price: $28 million
Location: Bel Air, California

j lo house
© Harpers Bazaar Australia & jlo / Instagram

From acting to singing, the Latina superstar has made her name by achieving everything one can only dream of. (Psst, did you know she is also the reason we have Google Images nowadays? You heard that right! Google it.) Besides the accomplishments she has made, she also has a beautiful house to boast in California.

3. Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin

Price: $26 million
Location: Beverly Park, California

© idesignarch & haileybieber / Instagram

This controversial couple’s gorgeous residence features seven bedrooms, ten bathrooms, and a top-notch professional kitchen. It’s also nestled among some very well-known neighbors, including Denzel Washington and Sofia Vergara. With a bank balance of $205 million, the Comcast Universal artist can certainly comfortably afford it.

4. Taylor Swift

Price: $30 million
Location: Beverly Hills, Los Angeles

taylor swifts house
© House Beautiful & taylorswift / Instagram

Taylor Swift’s 1934 Georgian revival mansion is truly a dream come true. With seven bedrooms, ten bathrooms, and ample room for hosting guests, it’s a picture-perfect abode.

What makes it even more enchanting is its coastal setting, offering breathtaking views that complement the splendid interior of the house.

5. Kylie Jenner

Price: $36 million
Location: Los Angeles, California

kylie jenner house
© The US Sun & kyliejenner / Instagram

Kylie Jenner’s home in Holmby Hills is like a dream vacation spot. It’s got seven bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, space for 20 cars, a cool bar, a game room, a fancy home theater, a chef’s kitchen, and even a pool that goes right through the house. This place is perfect for Kylie to have fun with her friends and throw her famous parties. And if that’s not enough, she’s got two extra apartments where her pals and family can crash.

6. Gwen Stefani

Price: $35 million
Location: Hollywood Hills, California

gwen stefani house
© Taste of Country & gwenstefani / Instagram

Gwen Stefani isn’t only a chart-topping musician, she’s also made impressive moves in the real estate world. During her marriage to Gavin Rossdale, Gwen invested a whopping $13 million in a home that would be the envy of many. This Hollywood Hills mansion became the couple’s residence in 2006.

7. P Diddy

Price: $40 million
Location: Holmbly Hills, California

p diddy house
© Google Earth & diddy / Instagram

Among Diddy’s collection of residences, one of the most remarkable is his $40 million Holmby Hills estate. This sprawling villa stretches over 17,000 square feet and boasts numerous impressive features, including a beauty studio, a grotto-adorned swimming pool, and a cinema room that comfortably accommodates up to 35 people.

In 2022, Diddy also made headlines by selling the former home of his late ex, Kim Porter. Tragically, Porter passed away in the Toluca Lake mansion back in 2018. Diddy was reportedly deeply affected by her loss and had not set foot in the house since. He eventually sold the property for $6.5 million.

8. Oprah

Price: $88 million
Location: Montecito, California

oprah house
© lovePROPERTY & oprah / Instagram

With a current net worth surpassing $1 billion, Oprah has invested a significant portion of her wealth in her expansive Montecito estate, aptly named “Promised Land.” Nestled on 42 acres near Santa Barbara, this picturesque home came into Oprah’s possession after she attended a party there in 2001. Initially, the owners were reluctant to sell, but their stance quickly shifted when the TV icon opened her checkbook and extended an offer reported to be $52 million.

9. Pierce Brosnan

Price: $100 million
Location: Malibu, California

pierce brosnan house
© toptenrealestatedeals & piercebrosnan / Instagram

The charming Irish actor embraced the iconic role of 007 in the 1990s, appearing in four films as the charismatic ladies’ man. Following his Bond days, Brosnan went on to feature in many more films, ultimately enabling him to acquire a spectacular $100 million Malibu residence.

This impressive mansion, which belonged to the Sony star, was listed for sale in 2020, generating considerable interest among prospective buyers. Nestled right on the beach, this architecturally stunning masterpiece boasts five bedrooms, fourteen bathrooms, and two guest suites, all exquisitely designed.

10. Bill Gates

Price: $125 million
Location: Medina, Washington

bill gates house
© homeadmire & thisisbillgates / Instagram

It’s not surprising to see Gates’ name at the end of the list. His colossal residence, known as ‘Xanadu 2.0,’ now claims the title with a staggering price tag of $125 million.

This extraordinary home leaves no luxury behind, featuring imported golden sand from a Caribbean island, a stunning collection of artwork adorning every wall, a meticulously crafted artificial stream stocked with salmon, and even a spacious trampoline room.

From money to fame to power, celebrities surely have it all! After seeing all of these houses in their glory, what mansion would you choose to live in?

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