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Who Did Taylor Swift Gift $55 Million Bonuses to?

By Orgesta Tolaj


2 August 2023

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Would’ve, could’ve, should’ve? More like she already did! The POP sensation Taylor Swift surprises not only her fans with her lovely personality and beautiful songs but her crew as well.

As she is ready to wrap up the last tour stops of her “Eras Tour”, Taylor Swift has reportedly handed out bonuses to everyone who contributed to her tour. This included everyone from her dancers, performers, stage artists, technicians, bodyguards, to even her truck drivers!

Taylor Swift million dollars
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The 12-time Grammy Award winner started her tour in March of 2023 in Arizona and is set to continue until the last stop in California on the 9th of August this year. Filled with showstopping openers such as Paramore and Girl in Red, the pop star has successfully held over 140 shows with a whooping $55,000 worth of tickets sold for each show!

The news of Taylor Swift giving out bonuses to her crew members is not shocking in the slightest! Reports from TMZ have previously stated that Taylor Swift gifted each of her truck driver $100,000 to thank them for their hard work. With different news articles suggesting that she had over 50 truck drivers, this adds up to a $5 million dollar bonus for the truckers alone!

The Era’s Tour marks Swift’s most recent tour ever since her 2018 tour, stunning everyone with her out-of-the-box performances, including her iconic “dipping into a swimming pool” stage.

Taylor Swift is already one of the most famous and highest-paid singers on the entire planet, but the Era’s Tour is set to give her another grand title of the highest-grossing tour of all time. The Eras Tour is said to have earned over $1 billion dollars so far.

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Fans have stated that every penny they have spent on the concert was worth it. From stunning visuals, silk voice, to her hardworking persona, Taylor Swift’s Era Tour is something that everyone should witness at least once in their lifetime!

One thing is for sure, having Taylor Swift as your boss would totally rock for all of us! Whether you have had the chance to visit one of Taylor’s tour stops or not, it’s hard to say that she is not one of the most influential entertainers of all times. We would love to hear what you think of Taylor Swift and whether you have a favorite song from her. Make sure to let us know down below!

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