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How Are Women Leaders Making a Positive Impact in the World?

By Orgesta Tolaj


24 March 2024

women leaders

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When women have historically been underrepresented in leadership positions, it is inspiring to see female leaders breaking barriers and creating positive change. Throughout history, women have faced challenges when trying to rise to leadership roles, but many inspiring women have paved the way for future generations. But, how are these women leaders making a difference and inspiring others to follow in their footsteps?

Women Leaders Show Triumphal Achievements

The future of leadership is female, as evidenced by research showing that companies with more women in leadership roles tend to outperform those without. Despite progress, women remain underrepresented in senior management positions globally, comprising only 32% in 2022. However, increasing female representation in leadership isn’t just beneficial for women, it is also advantageous for business success.

women leaders
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Benefits of Employing More Women Leaders

These are some pros of hiring women leaders:

Women Are Masters of Soft Skills

Soft skills such as communication, empathy, and self-awareness are highly valued by CEOs, often more so than technical expertise. Research suggests that CEOs with strong character traits like compassion and integrity can significantly improve business performance. Women may have a competitive advantage in business due to their proficiency in emotional intelligence, excelling in traits crucial for effective leadership according to a 2016 survey by Hay Group.

You Can Gain Valuable Insight

Women wield considerable economic influence, with their annual consumer expenditure estimated to have grown from $20 trillion to $31 trillion over a decade. By 2028, they are projected to control 75% of discretionary spending. However, despite their economic clout, only 35% of creative advertising directors in the US are women. This highlights a missed opportunity for businesses to tap into this lucrative market and benefit from valuable consumer insights.

Innovation and Diversity Are Linked Closer Than You Think

Diversity, encompassing various genders, cultures, ages, and races, sparks creativity and innovation. Unique life experiences influence differing approaches to business between men and women. Embracing diverse perspectives cultivates a rich pool of talent and fosters an environment conducive to growth. Open communication and collaboration are essential for leveraging diverse viewpoints and achieving breakthrough innovations that propel businesses forward.

women leaders
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How Can You Properly Empower Women Leaders?

Here are some methods to provide the necessities for a powerful woman leader:

Offer a Proper Work-Life Balance

To support employee well-being and productivity, companies must offer flexibility to accommodate personal commitments alongside work responsibilities. Prioritizing work-life balance, especially for parents, is crucial for fostering a healthy workplace culture. Remote work has emerged as a pivotal strategy, enhancing efficiency and empowering employees to manage their time effectively, thereby contributing to improved retention rates.

Embrace Diversity

To empower women in leadership, organizations should champion quality and embrace diverse opinions. Leading by example is crucial, demonstrating a commitment to gender equality and ensuring women’s voices are heard and valued, particularly in board meetings. Encouraging negotiation and considering everyone’s input, irrespective of gender, fosters an inclusive environment where women can thrive.

Invest in Training

To unlock women’s leadership potential, organizations should invest in training and nurturing empathetic leadership skills. By leveraging their innate strengths and authenticity, women can lead effectively without conforming to traditional male leadership models. Emphasizing trust in women’s leadership abilities, particularly in leading with compassion, strengthens the organization as a whole.

Who are some women leaders you look up to?

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