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You Don’t Need Real Horses for Vegan Horse Riding

By The Hyperhive


9 April 2024

Vegan Horse Riding

©️ Rich Manner / YouTube & tcc

Have you heard about a weird trend taking over the internet? It’s called hobby horsing, and it’s turning heads and raising eyebrows everywhere. Some even called it “vegan horse riding” to make fun of it. But what is hobby horsing? Where did it originate? What do people have to say about it? Continue reading to learn more about the odd sport on the rise.

Vegan Horse Riding
©️ Leandro Lopes / Pexels, No Comment TV / YouTube

“Vegan Horse Riding” Explained

Imagine this: people of all ages decked out in riding gear, galloping around on stick horses with fabric heads. Sounds bizarre, right? Well, that is hobby horsing or “vegan horse riding” for you!

©️ Artemis Hobbyhorses / YouTube

In the world of “Equestrian Vegan Horse Riding without Horses,” the term “vegan” isn’t about what’s on your plate—it’s about the way you ride. Instead of saddling up on real horses, this unique approach to horse riding focuses on providing all the joy and thrill of the activity while keeping animal welfare and ethical concerns front and center. It’s about enjoying the ride without the need for live animals, catering to those who want to experience the essence of horse riding without any ethical compromises.

Where Did “Vegan Horse Riding” Start?

Originating from Finland, hobby horsing has become a sensation, with enthusiasts participating in mock equestrian events like show jumping and dressage. But here’s the catch—it’s all done without real horses. Instead, participants rely on their trusty stick horses to fulfill their equestrian dreams.

Finland, the land of innovation, is known for so many first things. There, now hobby horsing is a sport where people can enter and participate in its championship. On the Humma, Finish Hobby Horses website you can find this written about the unusual sport: Hobbyhorsing has evolved to be something very beautiful. There are almost no limitations on how far you can go with this hobby. You can just play with your hobby horse at home or you can practice in a hobby horse discipline to be a Champion. Did you know that you can become a National champion in riding dressage with a hobby horse?

There you can find the horse sticks needed for horse riding that cost more than 200 Euros to buy.

Vegan Horse Riding
©️ Humma-Finnish Hobby Horses

What Do People Have to Say About Hobby Horsing

Recently, a video from the 10th Finnish Hobby Horse Championship went viral, showing grown-ups and kids alike prancing around with their stick horses, having the time of their lives. Naturally, the internet had a lot to say about it.

Vegan Horse Riding
©️ No Comment TV / YouTube

Some folks found the whole thing hilarious, joking about “vegan horse riding” and poking fun at the quirky sport.

One wrote, “What is next? Pushing shopping carts and pretend it’s F1?”

Another one joked, “Next time my daughter says she wants a pony I’m showing her this.”

©️ No Comment TV / YouTube

Others, however, weren’t so amused, questioning the sanity of those involved and even suggesting that humanity needs a reality check.

One simply said, “We are lost.”

Another exclaimed, “What the hell is this utterly bloody ridiculous nonsense?!!”

“Competitors aside…there is a decent crowd, this part I need to understand.” wrote one, amazed that people actually went to see the championship.

But amidst the laughter and the skepticism, supporters of hobby horsing came to its defense. They argued that it’s more than just a silly game—it requires skill, athleticism, and, most importantly, it brings people together in a fun and inclusive way.

The Future of Hobby Horsing

As hobby horsing continues to gain popularity around the world, it’s sparking conversations about the nature of sports and recreation. While traditional equestrian sports still reign supreme, hobby horsing offers a fresh perspective on what it means to compete and have fun.

Vegan Horse Riding
©️ Hummahorses / YouTube

So, whether you are a die-hard fan or a skeptical onlooker, one thing’s for sure: hobby horsing is shaking things up and reminding us all that when it comes to having fun, there are no rules—except maybe, don’t forget your stick horse!

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