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You Need to See Ryan Gosling’s Oscars Barbie Performance

By Orgesta Tolaj


11 March 2024

Ryan Gosling Oscars Performance

© Deadline Hollywood / YouTube

Every year, the Oscars are a night filled with glamour, excitement, and of course, unforgettable performances. This year was certainly no exception, as Hollywood heartthrob Ryan Gosling took the stage with a performance that left the audience in stitches. Here is why you need to immediately watch Ryan Gosling’s Oscars performance, where he took the internet by storm after performing “I’m Just Ken” in a glamorously pink ensemble.

Ryan Gosling’s Iconic Oscars Performance

The song “What Was I Made For?” was considered a strong contender for the Best Song category at the 96th Academy Awards, potentially giving Barbie a chance to win an Oscar. However, another song from the same movie’s soundtrack, “I’m Just Ken,” performed by Ryan Gosling, generated significant anticipation for the awards ceremony.

Ryan Gosling Oscars Performance
© Deadline Hollywood / YouTube

Despite previous performances and acceptance speeches by Billie Eilish and Finneas for “What Was I Made For?,” the speculation over Gosling’s performance persisted until the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences confirmed it in late February. Ryan Gosling expressed hesitance about performing the song earlier in February, citing concerns about the risk involved. However, he remained open to the possibility of doing it.

The Worries Around Ryan Gosling’s Oscars Performance

Questions arose about the logistics of Ryan Gosling’s performance. How would the production be staged? Could Gosling sing live? Would there be a backdrop of other downtrodden Kens, as seen in the movie? Might fellow movie Kens join him? Would Gosling wear a fringed leather vest and perform the full choreography shirtless? Or would they choose a simpler rendition of the song?

Ryan Gosling Oscars Performance
© Deadline Hollywood / YouTube

About two and a half hours into the ceremony, Ryan Gosling, clad in a striking Barbie-pink suit, began singing the song from his seat in the audience before taking the stage in a meticulously crafted production designed to be the highlight of the night. With numerous male backup dancers on risers, oversized cardboard cutouts of the original Barbie’s face surrounding him, and his co-stars from the movie joining him, the performance was far from understated. Additionally, Slash made a surprise appearance to deliver the song’s guitar solo, adding to the Oscars’ flair.

The Performance Could Have Not Happened

Before “I’m Just Ken” was nominated for an Oscar, Ryan Gosling joked about singing live at the awards show. He suggested he hadn’t been invited and pondered practicalities like payment and transportation. He quipped about whether performers get paid if they have to drive themselves, and what kind of compensation is involved.

Ryan Gosling Oscars Performance
© Deadline Hollywood / YouTube

Ryan Gosling attended the 2024 Oscars as a nominee in the Best Supporting category for his role in “Barbie.” The film “Barbie,” directed by Greta Gerwig, received a total of eight Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture.

Ready to watch Ryan Gosling’s Oscars performance? You can find it here.

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