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6 People Who Did Body Modifications to Transform Into Animals!

By Medina Syla


3 May 2024

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Have you ever imagined what it would be like to live life as a pet or wild animal? For some, this isn’t just a passing thought—it’s a lifestyle choice. Meet the “therians” and “otherkins”: individuals who through body modification identify as non-human animals or even mythical creatures.

From wolves to cats, and even reptiles, these individuals have taken their fascination with animals to extraordinary levels, blurring the lines between human and beast all from body modification.

People Who Turned Into Animals Through Body Modifications

1. Wolf

Howl’s this for a change in lifestyle? A Japanese man recently spent a staggering £18,000 on a realistic wolf costume, crafted by a specialist company called Zeppet. This grey, furry ensemble allowed him to fulfill his lifelong dream of embodying a lupine existence.

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Similarly, Naia Okami from Seattle believes she is spiritually and psychologically a British Columbia wolf. Inspired by a vivid dream, Naia often dresses the part, complete with tail and ears, and volunteers at a wolf reserve to bond with her animal counterparts.

2. Dog

For Toco, a Japanese man, it truly is a dog’s life. Having invested £12,480 in a costume, he transformed into his favorite breed—a collie. Embracing life as a dog, Toco has mastered the art of canine behavior, from enjoying belly rubs to munching on fake dog food.

Body Modification
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Meanwhile, Tom Peters from Hertfordshire adopts the persona of Spot, a Dalmatian, donning a £5,000 latex outfit to indulge in dog-like activities like chewing toys and playing fetch.

3. Leopard

Tom Woodbridge, known as Tom Leppard, earned the title of the world’s most tattooed man according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

He spent over £5,000 when he underwent body modifications to resemble a leopard, capturing global attention.

©️ Tom Woodbridge

In 1987, he retreated to the Isle of Skye in the Inner Hebrides, residing in a humble hut and relying on kayaking for mainland trips to restock supplies and collect his pension.

Despite leaving his bothy in 2008, Woodbridge’s affinity for solitude remained steadfast. It took a persuasive friend to coax him into a larger house on the island, where he gradually embraced modern comforts like electricity and hearty meals.

Reflecting on his lifestyle, he remarked, “My life hasn’t changed much – I never bothered people when I lived in the bothy, and they didn’t bother me, and I’m not really that interested in what else is going on outside.

4. Reptile

Former banker Tiamat Legion Medusa, formerly Richard Hernandez, underwent extensive body modifications to resemble a dragon, with a forked tongue and scaly skin tattoos.

“Legion the Dragon” spent thousands of pounds to transform into a mythical reptilian beast, inspired by a dream about snakes. Their journey highlights the extraordinary lengths some will go to blur the boundaries between humans and reptiles.

Body modification
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5. Tiger

Daring Dennis Avner underwent numerous surgeries and alterations to morph into a tiger, adopting the persona of “Stalking Cat.”

It came from Native Americans, Avner’s journey began after a chief advised him to “follow the ways of the tiger.”

©️ Daniel Avner / Facebook

With surgeries including the splitting of his upper lip and growing his fingernails to look like claws, Avnery, declared “Being a tiger is more important to me than humanity.”


But perhaps the most extreme transformations are those that turn into mythical creatures.

Tiamat Legion Medusa, underwent extensive body modifications to resemble a dragon, complete with a forked tongue and scaly skin tattoos.

Even beyond the realm of animals, Ted Richards, dubbed Parrot Man, shows his love for pets through body modifications.

©️ Ted Richards / Facebook

With dermal implants, tattoos, and piercings, Ted aims to resemble his beloved parrots as closely as possible.

In the world of human-animal transformation, the boundaries between reality and fantasy blur.

It offers a glimpse into a unique subculture where individuals embrace their primal instincts and animalistic identities with unwavering dedication.

Whether they howl at the moon or soar through the skies, these individuals remind us of the diversity and complexity of the human experience.

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