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ACE Family’s Catherine and Austin McBroom Are Now Divorced

By Orgesta Tolaj


15 January 2024

Catherine and Austin McBroom divorce

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After the announcement of MatPat leaving the platform after March, seems like another YouTube era is about to be finished. This now includes the ACE Family. But, rather than quitting YouTube, the adults of the family are quitting something else. Catherine and Austin McBroom have officially announced their divorce. But, why did they decide on this?

Who Are Catherine and Austin McBroom From the Ace Family?

“The ACE Family,” a YouTube channel started in 2016, showcases family vlogs, challenges, and pranks. However, the creators, the ACE family pair, have faced legal issues, as reported by Insider. Their last channel update was seven months ago on June 10, 2023. In a 2022 video, they announced their intention to stop posting on YouTube after that year. They expressed a desire to focus on traveling with their children.

The couple emerged as pioneers in the early era of family YouTube channels. They achieved significant financial success by sharing highly personal vlogs about their family life and engaging in pranks. Initially focused on the pranks between the couple, the content shifted to a more family-oriented direction with the arrival of their daughters.

How They Faced Problematic “Scandals” Before

“The ACE Family” YouTube channel, like many family channels, centered on the daily lives of the McBroom couple and their three children. However, the channel has faced controversy consistently throughout its eight-year existence. These ranged from and to accusations such as:

1. Scamming Fans

On June 11, 2023, the Ace Family’s Austin and Catherine McBroom announced a giveaway of Catherine’s Tesla Model X. Fans were instructed to tag two friends in the comments, download the Kick app, and follow them on the streaming platform. The terms and conditions clarified that the winner would be chosen randomly. Additionally, the announcement was scheduled for June 25, a point emphasized by Austin in a subsequent Kick Livestream.

Fans then raised accusations against the Ace Family couple, Austin and Catherine McBroom. They asserted that the Tesla Model X giveaway was rigged. These claims stem from a Kick live stream where fans allege that the couple personally selected the winner instead of adhering to the initially promised random draw.

2. $3 Million Lawsuit

On June 12, 2021, a boxing event featuring fourteen prominent influencers from YouTube and TikTok took place. Team YouTube emerged victorious, and Austin McBroom of the ACE Family notably won his grudge match against TikTok’s Bryce Hall. However, the aftermath of the event resulted in setbacks for McBroom. In the weeks following the influencer boxing event, participants started using social media to express grievances, asserting that they had not received compensation for their involvement in the showdown.

Later on, Billboard reported that LiveOne, formerly LivexLive, had agreed to a $3 million payout to the relevant individuals involved in the YouTubers vs TikTokers boxing event that took place last year.

3. Cheating Allegations from Austin

Allegations regarding the ACE Family patriarch having a secret child surfaced when TikTok user Adrianna Vee posted a video on March 24. In the video, she is seen with stacks of money, and the accompanying text suggests that Catherine McBroom paid her to undergo an abortion after allegedly becoming pregnant by Austin McBroom. Despite later asserting that she kept the baby, TikTok user Adrianna Vee faced skepticism from fans. In her initial video, where she claimed Catherine McBroom paid her for an abortion, hashtags such as ‘#itsa‘ and ‘#joke‘ were used, casting doubt on the legitimacy of the rumor that her three-year-old child.

© austinmcbroom / Instagram

Rumors surrounding the paternity of Adrianna Vee’s child resurfaced when TikTok user ‘from760anon’ duetted with Vee’s TikTok, asserting that her baby is “100% Austin McBroom’s child.” In deleted TikToks, the user alleges to have been employed at the daycare attended by Adrianna Vee’s child. According to the user, Austin McBroom is listed as the baby’s father on official paperwork and covers the child’s education expenses. The TikToker also claimed to have signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to maintain confidentiality about the child’s paternity.

Catherine and Austin McBroom Announce Their Divorce

Catherine and Austin McBroom disclosed their divorce through social media posts on Thursday. Both stated that they have mutually agreed to the separation and are committed to co-parenting their three children, Elle, Alaia, and Steel. The couple did not provide immediate further comments in response to inquiries.

Catherine’s statement read that their “paths as a couple have shifted and has created challenges that are irreconcilable.”

Catherine and Austin McBroom divorce
© catherinemcbroom / Instagram

Austin McBroom Also Shared a Post

Austin McBroom posted on Instagram, sharing a photo of himself and Catherine, and referred to their divorce as the “hardest decision of my life.” He reflected on their nearly decade-long journey, acknowledging the memories and accomplishments they shared, but expressed that every book comes to an end. McBroom stated that they are now embarking on a new chapter as separate authors.

Catherine and Austin McBroom divorce
© austinmcbroom / Instagram

How do you feel about the announcement of Catherine and Austin McBroom’s divorce?

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