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Woman Threw a Divorce Party to Celebrate Single Life

By Orgesta Tolaj


3 December 2023

woman throws divorce party

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What is life like after marriage? You might think it is all sunshine and roses with the love of your life. However, what happens if your spouse decides to leave after the wedding? What can you do to make yourself feel better and try to move on with your life? Well, seems like this woman just figured it all out! Instead of staying sad and reminiscing, Ilma Amin decided to throw a divorce party instead!

The Woman Who Hosted a Divorce Party

Ilma Amin, a 28-year-old business analyst from London, celebrated the end of her three-year marriage by hosting a glam-themed divorce party with 30 close friends. The party featured a Taylor Swift-inspired heart cake.

Ilma, who finalized her divorce in May, expressed excitement about her newfound singledom, confidently stating that she is “young and hot,” making it easy for her to find another husband. The event drew attention as some debated whether divorce parties are empowering or crass.

woman throws divorce party
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Ilma Amin’s divorce party included a cake with “legally single” inscribed, ‘single and loving it’ balloons, and divorce maids replacing traditional bridesmaids. Unfortunately, the celebration took a turn when her new boyfriend ended the relationship just two days after the event. Despite this setback, Ilma remains resilient and is actively searching for a new romantic connection.

Why Did the Woman Hold a Divorce Party?

Ilma Amin enthusiastically described her divorce party as the perfect night, combining elements of a bachelorette party and a white wedding. The woman emphasized the absence of a traditional wedding and celebrated with speeches, divorce maids, and even threw a bouquet, jokingly passing on the tradition to the next person who might get divorced. Ilma had a unique silver ring shaped like a question mark. It symbolizes that she is not done and plans to marry again.

woman throws divorce party
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Despite her previous wedding cancellation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, she is optimistic about future relationships, playfully challenging potential future partners with her distinctive ring. Ilma separated from her husband in 2022, and the celebration marked the end of their three-year marriage.

Breakup After Breakup

After the breakdown of her marriage, Ilma Amin found support and solace in her friends, who provided unconditional love, cooked for her, offered a place to stay, and served as emotional pillars during her lowest moments. To overcome the difficult period, she decided to throw a party inspired by Taylor Swift’s Blank Space music video, featuring a heart-shaped cake with the words “legally single.”

Ilma donned two outfits for the event, initially resembling a glamorous divorce pageant queen and later changing into a short white dress for dancing, symbolizing the white wedding she never had.

woman throws divorce party
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Despite sharing only the tame pictures, Ilma contemplated posting more risqué photos, including shots of her receiving a lap dance from friends.

Surprisingly, within 48 hours of the celebration, she was dumped by the man she had been dating for the past eight months, who, according to Ilma, attended the party to end the relationship on Monday.

How She Handled the Divorce

Ilma Amin, with 15,000 TikTok followers, openly shared her heartbreak journey, emphasizing that she didn’t want to conceal her divorce. Despite facing tough moments and crying daily in the lead-up to her divorce party, she embraces her experience without shame, finding humor in the societal stigma surrounding divorce. Ilma believes that dropping the “bombshell” of her divorce is entertaining and aims to use her platform to help others in similar situations. While acknowledging the challenges, she hopes her TikTok posts resonate with people feeling stuck after divorce, emphasizing that life can continue after such difficult experiences.

Would you ever think of hosting a divorce party if something were to happen?

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