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Anti-Valentine’s Week: Your Post-Valentine’s Detox Guide

By The Hyperhive


8 February 2024

Anti-Valentine's Week

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When Valentine’s Week is finally over, and if all that lovey-dovey stuff made you roll your eyes, you are not alone! Welcome to Anti-Valentine’s Week—a breath of fresh air for us singles or those just not feeling the romantic vibes. Let’s break down the days that follow Valentine’s Day and give you a much-needed dose of post-love therapy.

Anti-Valentine’s Week

Slap Day – February 15

Yep, we’re starting with Slap Day! But before you go around slapping anyone, it’s more about metaphorically slapping away those lingering feelings for your ex. It’s time to be the hero of your own story and kick those emotions to the curb! Do it! You will feel much better.

Anti-Valentine's Week
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Kick Day – February 16

Kick Day is all about kicking negativity out of your life. Say goodbye to those toxic vibes from past relationships and kickstart your journey to happiness. You deserve better, so let’s kick away those blues together! Again, metaphorically!

Anti-Valentine's Week
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Perfume Day – February 17

Some say that this day is about sending perfume as a gift to your ex to remind them how bad they smell. But for some, Perfume Day is your chance to spoil yourself with that fancy perfume you’ve been eyeing. So, we chose to focus on ourselves and leave everything else behind. It’s all about self-love and feeling fabulous without needing anyone else’s approval. Treat yourself, darling!

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Flirt Day – February 18

Time to turn on the charm! Flirt Day is probably the most fun out of Anti-Valentine’s week. It is the day for letting loose and having fun with your crush or partner. Life’s too short to not enjoy a little playful banter, so go ahead and flirt your heart out! There are so many singles out there probably waiting for it.

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Confession Day – February 19

Feeling brave? Confession Day is your opportunity to spill the beans. Whether it’s telling your crush how you feel or owning up to past mistakes in your relationships, honesty is the best policy! At the end of the day, there is only that much you can hold in. Especially if it is a love confession! GO tell them, now!

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Missing Day – February 20

Missing Day might tug at your heartstrings a bit. It’s a day to acknowledge those feelings of longing or nostalgia. Open the door to those feelings, let them all in, sit with them, and then let them go. It is way healthier. Just try not to text your ex—it’s a slippery slope! Go listen to Dua Lipa’s “New Rules” instead.

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Breakup Day – February 21

And finally, we’ve got Breakup Day. If you’re stuck in a toxic relationship or just not feeling the spark anymore, it’s time to rip off the band-aid and break free. You deserve to be happy, so choose yourself!

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So there you have it—your guide to surviving Anti-Valentine’s Week with style and sass. Whether you’re flying solo or rocking it with your squad, remember to celebrate yourself and embrace the freedom to love on your own terms!

All the singles ladies and gentlemen, how do you feel about Anti-Valentine’s week? Is it a good idea or is it just what some jealous single people invented to make themselves feel better? Talk to us!

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