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Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater Living Together?

By Orgesta Tolaj


16 September 2023

Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater Living Together

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Ariana Grande is “switching up positions”, and we are talking about her living situation. The star, who was recently rumored to have split from husband Dalton Gomez, is apparently ready to move. Gomez and Grande were married for two years until paparazzi spotted the singer without a ring on her finger earlier this year. Ariana then moved on to Ethan Slater and the internet was shocked, to say the least. Now, news outlets are reporting that Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater are living together.

What happened to Slater’s and Grande’s previous relationships and how did the couple end up in this situation? Let’s find out together!

Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater’s Living Situation

Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater are reportedly advancing their romantic relationship, as per information from the Daily Mail. This development aligns with Ethan’s preparations for his role in the Broadway show Spamalot. Their previously concealed relationship, which generated buzz during the production of Wicked, now appears to be confirmed as they move forward together.

Insiders close to the situation have revealed an unusual living arrangement involving Ariana Grande, who is reportedly residing with Ethan Slater despite still being legally married to her husband, Dalton Gomez. It’s suggested that Ariana might be exploring her options, considering the unique circumstances. Notably, despite her new living situation with Ethan, Ariana has not initiated divorce proceedings with Dalton.

What About the Spouses?

Yes, you have read that right. Grande and Slater are technically still married to other people. As the public becomes more aware of Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater’s relationship, it has highlighted the complexities surrounding their prior commitments and current living setup. Ethan has taken steps to end his marriage, whereas Ariana and Dalton Gomez have yet to officially file for divorce, despite their separation earlier this year. This situation has raised questions about the future of Ariana and Ethan’s relationship and how they will navigate the challenges ahead, given their unconventional beginnings.

The Relationship Timeline

Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater’s relationship timeline is as follows:

  • May 15, 2021: Dalton Gomez and Ariana Grande get married.
  • November 2022: Ethan Slater celebrates his anniversary with his wife, Lilly Jay, in an Instagram post. Ariana Grande likes the post.
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  • December 2022: Filming for “Wicked” begins, where Ariana plays Glinda.
  • January 2023: Grande and Gomez reportedly separate.
  • March 27, 2023: Reports surface about Grande and Slater being affectionate at an Oscars Party.
  • May 14, 2023: Slater posts a Mother’s Day tribute to his wife on Instagram. Grande likes the post.
  • July 16-17, 2023: Grande is seen without her wedding ring and news of her separation from Gomez breaks.

Confirmation of Their Relationship Status

  • July 20, 2023: Sources confirm Grande has started dating Slater. Slater’s wife is reportedly shocked by this revelation.
  • July 25-26, 2023: More details emerge, suggesting that Grande and Slater were not discreet about their relationship. Slater files for divorce from Lilly Jay.
  • July 27-29, 2023: Jay comments on Grande’s role in the relationship, indicating she feels like collateral damage. Grande gives Slater space to deal with his divorce.
  • August 2-3, 2023: Reports suggest Grande is being cautious about her relationship with Slater. Daily Mail alleges that Grande and Slater were involved before Slater’s official separation from his wife.
  • September 1, 2023: Sources claim the situation has been blown out of proportion and Grande and Slater started their relationship after their respective separations.
  • September 6, 2023: Ethan Slater returns to Instagram, subtly supported by a “like” from Ariana Grande, focusing on his upcoming Broadway role.

What do you think of the entire situation? Do you think it is fair for fans to call out Ariana Grande and refer to her as a “home-wrecker”? Who do you think is at fault in this relationship duo? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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