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Ariana Grande Lost Over 350,000 Followers After “Yes, and?” Drop

By Orgesta Tolaj


17 January 2024

Ariana Grande lost 350.000 followers

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Ariana Grande is one of the most followed celebrities on social media, with millions of loyal fans. Arianators keep “Loving her harder,” but seems like even her loyal fanbase has been facing some issues recently. After dropping the MV for “Yes, and?”, fans are divided in opinions over the meaning and lyrics of the song. This led to Ariana Grande losing 350,000 followers. But, what could have caused such a drastic decline in her fanbase?

What Is Happening to Ariana Grande?

Ariana Grande’s latest song, “Yes, and?” addressing rumored controversies about her relationship with Ethan Slater, has generated mixed reactions and criticism, leading to a notable loss of Instagram followers for the singer. Despite the initial success of the song, which topped the Global Spotify Chart with over 11 million streams on its release day, it has also faced backlash due to its connection to the reported controversy surrounding Ariana’s romance with her Wicked costar, Ethan Slater.

A controversial verse in Ariana Grande’s song, “Yes, and?” includes the lyrics: “Your business is yours and mine is mine. Why do you care so much whose d**k I ride?” According to the online music encyclopedia Genius, these lyrics likely serve as a response to the negative reactions Ariana faced when she was initially linked with Ethan Slater in July. The rumors emerged when Ariana had recently separated from her ex-husband, Dalton Gomez, and Ethan had also gone through a recent separation from his wife, Lilly Jay, who had just given birth to their first child.

The Controversy Between Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater

In March 2023, an anonymous source reported in the Daily Mail that Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater were seen being affectionate at Michelle Yeoh’s Oscars Party. In July of the same year, People confirmed that the two castmates had started a relationship, but there was no confirmation at that point regarding Ethan’s divorce from his then-wife. Sources close to Ariana and Ethan, as reported by Page Six, denied speculation of infidelity, asserting that they only began a romantic relationship after both had become single, following their respective breakups.

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Despite Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater’s newfound romance, questions about its timing persist, especially given the three-year duration of their collaboration on the musical adaptation of Wicked. Ethan’s ex-wife, Lilly Jay, publicly criticized Ariana, expressing that she perceived the singer as “not a girl’s girl” and emphasizing her focus on rebuilding a life for their son. A Page Six report indicated that Ethan’s wife felt “blindsided” by his relationship with Ariana, leading to online criticism of Ariana as a “homewrecker.” Additionally, people mocked Ethan’s appearance and past roles, highlighting his resemblance to Ariana’s brother, Frankie Grande.

Ariana Grande Lost 350,000 followers

Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater’s romance has faced ongoing criticism from internet users. The lyrics of Ariana’s song “Yes, and?” have led to speculation that she might be addressing the negative reactions to her relationship with Ethan. Despite some fans defending Ariana, others expressed disappointment with her controversial lyric choices, contributing to the mixed reception of their romance.

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Ariana Grande experienced a significant loss of Instagram followers this month, with a total decline of 369,630 followers since the beginning of January, as reported by the analytics site SocialBlade. Data indicates that the majority of people who unfollowed Ariana Grande did so after the announcement of her song “Yes, and?” on January 7. This follows previous accusations against the singer of allegedly “ruining” relationships for her own benefit.

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