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Ariana Grande Officially Drops the MV for ‘Yes, and?’

By Orgesta Tolaj


16 January 2024

Ariana Grande yes, and?

© ArianaGrandeVEVO / Youtube

Arianators, the wait is finally over! After much anticipation, the pop superstar has officially released the music video for her hit single. ‘Yes, And?’ is one of the most anticipated releases of the year. With its catchy tune and powerful lyrics, it’s no wonder fans couldn’t wait to see what Ariana Grande had in store for the music video. But does the video live up to the hype?

Ariana Grande Drops ‘Yes, and?’ Single and MV

Ariana Grande recently shared a video showcasing her impressive vocals in a recording studio. The video teases her new dance-pop single, “Yes, And?”, which has a sound reminiscent of Madonna’s “Vogue.” This assertive track is the first release from Grande’s seventh studio album.

© ArianaGrandeVEVO / YouTube

Ariana Grande, the global pop superstar, has often been a target of media gossip throughout her career. In her latest release, the dance track “Yes, And?” Grande responds to the constant chatter surrounding her. This includes discussions about her appearance, divorce, and new relationships. The song is described as joyfully defiant and euphoric, serving as Grande’s spirited response to the media scrutiny.

First Release From Ariana Grande Since 2020

“Yes, And?” is Ariana Grande’s latest release, embodying the empowered spirit seen in her 2018 album “Sweetener” and the bold attitude of her 2019 album “Thank U, next.” It marks the first single from her upcoming seventh studio album, the successor to 2020’s “Positions.” The track was recorded in New York City with her longtime collaborators Max Martin and Ilya Salmanzadeh, renowned producers behind some of Grande’s biggest hits, including “Rain on Me.”

The Music Video for “Yes, and?”

In Ariana Grande’s latest music video, the narrative unfolds as a group of jaded industry figures engage in gossip about the singer in an elevator. However, as they enter “The Loft,” a transformative space, their skepticism turns into captivation and delight. The setting features a room filled with statues that eventually crumble, symbolizing a shift in perception. Grande, upon entering, effortlessly embraces the rhythm, delivering her signature choreography with a casual shrug and a smile.

Ariana Grande Yes and
© ArianaGrandeVEVO / YouTube

Directed by Christian Breslauer, the music video seems to serve as a defiant response to Grande’s detractors. It portrays her as unapologetically confident and suggests that her life has evolved into a form of performance art. Despite the criticism, Grande asserts her control over her narrative, emphasizing that she will continue to provide a captivating and entertaining show, but on her own terms.

Ariana Grande Took Inspiration From Paula Abdul

The narrative of Ariana Grande’s “Yes, And?” video bears a striking resemblance to Paula Abdul’s 1989 video for “Cold Hearted.” In both videos, record company executives observe the artists’ performances and make dismissive comments about their work, with a similar tone of indifference and the suggestion of potential changes. Paula Abdul and Ariana Grande have crossed paths before, although the nature of their relationship remains unclear. They share a significant commonality as both have served as judges on popular singing competitions, with Abdul on “American Idol” and Grande on “The Voice.”

© Paula Abdul / YouTube

Grande’s homage to Abdul in the “Yes, And?” video is emphasized by her monochromatic wardrobe and the distinctive papillon hat. Notably, Abdul’s wardrobe in her 1989 video for “Cold Hearted” is itself an homage; she wears the same police hat that Sandahl Bergman donned in Bob Fosse’s 1979 musical “All That Jazz.”

Abdul Even Reacted to Ariana Grande’s “Yes, and?” MV

Paula Abdul expressed admiration for Ariana Grande in an Instagram post, commending Grande’s homage to Abdul’s “Cold Hearted” in her new music video “Yes, And?” Abdul conveyed her excitement, describing the tribute as “EVERYTHING” and expressing her love for Grande. In response, Grande thanked Abdul for inspiring her and acknowledged her as the “sweetest queen,” expressing gratitude for Abdul’s brilliance and the enduring inspiration she provides to many.

Ariana Grande’s “Yes, and?” Is Only the Beginning

The music video commences with a preview of Ariana Grande’s upcoming seventh album, playfully referred to as “AG7.” The video reveals a card featuring coordinates that lead to Montauk, New York, sparking speculation among fans about a potential connection to the album title. Many believe the title may be inspired by the film “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” which was filmed extensively in Montauk and stars Jim Carrey, described by Grande as her “lifelong crush.”

What do you think of Ariana Grande’s “Yes and?” release?

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