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Beyoncé Shows Off Her Natural Hair in New Video

By The Hyperhive


24 April 2024

beyonce natural hair

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In a new video posted on her Instagram, Beyoncé gives fans a rare glimpse into her natural hair care routine, promoting her new hair care line, Cécred.

The video features close-up shots of Beyoncé’s hairstylist washing, conditioning, straightening, and styling her long, curly hair – all with Cécred products of course. This is a significant moment for Beyoncé, who has often been criticized for wearing wigs and extensions.

Why Beyoncé Focused on Natural Hair?

For years, Beyoncé’s hair has been a subject of scrutiny. Fans and critics alike have questioned whether her long hair is real, due to her frequent use of wigs and weaves. This video appears to be Beyoncé’s way of addressing these doubts. Moreover, she is challenging the stereotype that Black women can’t grow long hair.

beyonce natural hair
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In the video, she says “The stigma and misconception is that people who wear wigs don’t have long and healthy hair. That’s some bulls–t, ’cause it ain’t nobody’s business.”

She wrote on her Instagram, “It has been such a special experience seeing all of your #cecredwashday rituals all over my timeline… I just had to join in with something I had in the archives 🥰”

©️ beyonce / Instagram

More Than Just a Hair Care Commercial

The video goes beyond just promoting Cécred products. It’s a celebration of Black hair and a rejection of the negative stereotypes surrounding it. Beyoncé’s decision to showcase her natural hair is a powerful statement for Black women everywhere.

beyonce natural hair
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She claimed’ “Being disruptive and challenging everything people feel should be the process has always been exciting to me. My hair and music seemed to do that a lot over the years…”

©️ beyonce / Instagram

What Inspired the Cécred Line?

The name “Cécred” itself is a combination of Beyoncé’s name and the word “sacred”. It is a reference to the deep significance hair holds in Black culture. She explained, “I think that connection of community, mother and child, father and child, and respect— and allowing yourself to be taken care of, especially for Black women, who are always taking care of everyone else—it’s all sacred. So I took the end of my name, Cé, and made it the beginning of the word sacred to create Cécred. From my mother’s salon, daily rituals with my father, and years of experience in developing a hair care line, the journey has been just that: Cécred.”

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Beyoncé grew up surrounded by hair care in her mother’s salon, and her new line is inspired by those experiences. She seems motivated by her desire to create healthy hair products specifically for Black women.

“Maintaining 25 years of blonde on natural hair through all the experimenting I do has played a huge part in developing @cecred’s products. It’s the hardest to keep color-treated hair healthy and strong, but @cecred is here. All quality, with NO shortcuts. Congratulations to the entire CÉCRED team for contributing to developing award-winning products. 💕” captioned the famous artist on her Instagram post.

©️ beyonce / Instagram

Beyoncé’s Hair Journey

Throughout her career, Beyoncé has experimented with a wide variety of hairstyles. From her signature blonde curls to her recent foray into platinum blonde, maintaining healthy hair with all this experimentation hasn’t been easy. This is where Cécred comes in – Beyoncé developed the line to address the specific needs of color-treated and relaxed hair. She says in the video, “I’ve chosen color over perms or relaxers. I’ve managed to keep my texture and my curls even with my hair so blonde.”

Cécred Is More Than Just Beyoncé

While Beyoncé is the face of Cécred, it’s important to note her mother. Tina Knowles is also a key player. Tina served as the vice chairwoman in the development of the line. This highlights the collaborative nature of the project and the deep family connection to hair care.

©️ mstinaknowles / Instagram

In an interview with Essence, the hit singer said, “I have vivid memories of my mother working as a hairstylist right from our home. She built a small salon at the back of our house, and I can recall catching glimpses of her while I watched cartoons or played with my dolls and toys.”

“These moments are etched into every corner of my childhood memories.” she added.

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