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Who Is Bobbi Althoff? Her Journey From Momfluencer to Viral Host

By Orgesta Tolaj


15 August 2023

Bobby Althof

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Who is the internet sensation who got to spend time with Drake in bed to… interview him? Meet Bobbi Althoff, the momfluencer who turned into a viral podcast host.

You have probably heard that interviewers generally need to be asking questions that don’t damage the interviewee’s image. However, this type of interview is definitely not the case with Bobbi Althoff. From dissing an artist’s music to even making fun of their controversies, Bobbi Althoff is giving a new name to modern-day journalism.

Who is Bobbi Althoff?

Althoff is a 26-year-old mom with two children. Yes, you have heard that right! Her first exposure to TikTok was focused on a different aspect of her life. She initially had 1.2 million followers on her private old account where she would share small fragments of her daily life of being a mother.

bobbi althoff and husband
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Her current account, with over 5 million followers, features comedic videos. Initially, she posted about pregnancy and motherhood, while maintaining her deadpan humor. In her early posts, she joked about looking young due to never smiling despite being 40, when in actuality she was only 23 years old back then.

Her podcast began on July 2023 and has since then raked over a million views on each of her videos. She continuously breaks the limitations of interviews and asks outrageous questions to the artists she interviews, making her podcasts awkward, yet absolutely hilarious.

The Industry Plant Dilemma

Bobbi Althoff
© bobbialthoff / Instagram

With all the fame and virality, comes the discussion on whether this sudden popularity came from a little help. Once Bobbi Althoff’s content started garnering attention quickly, people started to second guess whether she was an industry plant or not.

An industry plant is commonly known as a person who tries to show themselves to others as an independent creator, but in reality, has an industry to help and fund their content. It was no surprise that people wondered if Althoff was also part of this scheme due to her immediate widespread popularity.

However, the influencer told Cosmopolitan that she has funded her entire podcast on her own, by even claiming that she bought flight tickets to meet the likes of Drake and Lil Yachty for their interviews as well.

When asked by Cosmopolitan if she believes that she is an industry plant, Bobbi Althoff responded: “I am not. I think that’s the funniest thing and it’s really fun to lean into.

She jokingly even addressed the allegations with a video of her dancing with a deadpan face on Instagram and TikTok.

It’s fascinating to see how her content evolved from its origins. Her shift from sharing about motherhood and pregnancy to becoming a viral sensation with Drake showcases the unpredictability of internet fame.

What do you think about Althoff’s transformation? Do you believe her deadpan humor played a crucial role in her rise to fame? Let us know down below!

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