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This Boy Wants a Specific Apple Emoji Gone!

By Orgesta Tolaj


16 May 2024

boy apple emoji

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Have you ever looked at an emoji and felt that it was offensive or insulting? Well, although one might not take a second look at some of them, it seems like one young boy certainly thinks so, and he is taking action to try and change it. But, what is the Apple emoji that is bothering him to begin with?

What Apple Emoji Does This Young Boy Not Want?

Ten-year-old Teddy Cottle from Oxfordshire, England, is advocating for Apple to alter its “nerd” emoji, which portrays a smiling face with glasses and protruding front teeth. Teddy, who wears glasses himself, finds the depiction hurtful and believes it perpetuates negative stereotypes. He expressed his feelings to the BBC, stating that it makes him feel sad and upset. Teddy hopes for change, as he believes many others might also feel offended by the emoji.

boy apple emoji

Teddy’s frustration with the Apple emoji led him, with the assistance of his teacher Lisa Baillie, to launch an online petition seeking its modification. On the petition, the boy wrote: “I think the nerd emoji is offensive and insulting to all those people in the world who wear glasses.”

Why Does He Want It Gone?

Teddy expressed concern that the current emoji reinforces negative stereotypes about people who wear glasses. He says this can potentially cause distress for those getting glasses for the first time. He proposes renaming the emoji to “Genius Emoji” and redesigning it based on his own concept.

boy apple emoji

Teddy is advocating for his redesigned to replace the current one, hoping Apple will adopt it. His version features thin lenses and frames and a smiling face instead of protruding teeth. He enjoys wearing glasses for both practical and aesthetic reasons. Teddy became motivated to take action after encountering the emoji while texting his cousin and discussing his feelings with his French teacher, Lisa Baillie.

the suggested drawing

How Did the Petition Start?

Madame Baillie assisted Teddy in initiating the petition, initially within the school community and later online. She admires Teddy’s determination and advocacy for his beliefs, describing him as vocal yet mature in his approach. Madame Baillie believes in supporting, encouraging, and commending such initiatives.

boy apple emoji

Teddy’s mother, Esme, wasn’t shocked by his campaign, noting his long-standing curiosity and passion for learning, including watching documentaries and Prime Minister’s questions. She highlighted his keen interest in current events and thirst for knowledge, emphasizing the importance of encouraging such determination and advocacy, which she believes is often lost in adulthood.

What do you think? Is the boy right for wanting to change this Apple emoji?

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