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This Is the Shocking 1932 Bulletproof Glass Experiment

By Orgesta Tolaj


3 November 2023

1932 Bulletproof Glass Experiment

© u/eXtazdengamer / Reddit

Blast from the past indeed! But this time, it is an actual blast. Well, sort of. It is a bullet shot instead! A recently resurfaced vintage video from 1932 has captured the attention of viewers with its intriguing yet ethically questionable content. In this archived footage, a man conducts a daring experiment to test the bulletproof properties of glass, with his wife playing an unexpected and potentially deadly role. This is what the 1932 Bulletproof Glass Experiment included.

The Post About the 1932 Bulletproof Glass Experiment

A vintage video, dating back to 1932, has recently resurfaced on Reddit thanks to the user eXtazdengamer. This archival footage offers a captivating window into a different era, showcasing a man and his wife, both elegantly dressed in period attire, positioned on either side of a sheet of bulletproof glass.

1932 Bulletproof Glass Experiment
© u/eXtazdengamer / Reddit

What makes this video particularly intriguing is the level of trust displayed by the woman as she holds the glass perilously close to her face, an act both astonishing and unnerving for modern viewers. On the other side, the man appears eager to test the bullet-resistant properties of the glass, aiming a firearm in its direction. At first glance, this experiment might seem like a reasonable and practical test of early bulletproof glass.

The Negative Connotations

However, as the scene unfolds, it takes on a rather questionable tone. The couple’s actions, with the woman’s proximity to the glass and the man seemingly ready to fire a weapon, raise concerns about the safety precautions—or lack thereof—taken during this demonstration. It’s a striking reminder of how safety standards and ethical considerations have evolved over the years, making this vintage video all the more captivating and thought-provoking.

1932 Bulletproof Glass Experiment
© u/eXtazdengamer / Reddit

In the video, the man’s confidence in the bulletproof glass’s capabilities is worth questioning. His true intentions in this precarious scenario are also brought into doubt. When he fires a firearm at the glass, it proves to be bulletproof, but his wife visibly jumps in surprise. Undeterred, he continues to take multiple shots at the glass, leaving distinct marks each time. Presumably, his wife becomes increasingly uneasy as the experiment proceeds. The caption accompanying the video suggests that it shows a man testing an early version of bulletproof glass with his wife holding the glass for him.

How Commenters Reacted

After the video surfaced on the internet, social media users flooded the comment section with their thoughts on this bizarre and risky experiment. One user expressed skepticism about it being a genuine “test,” suggesting it might have been more of a demonstration after numerous prior tests had already instilled confidence in the glass’s bulletproof properties.

Others, however, decided to poke fun at the idea that he shot so many times because he did not like his wife. Here are some of the comments:

1932 Bulletproof Glass Experiment
© u/eXtazdengamer / Reddit

This old video is fascinating, but it also raises some big safety concerns. Testing firearms like this is really dangerous, and there’s a high risk of terrible accidents. It reminds us that when it comes to testing bulletproof materials, we need strict safety rules and responsible practices. This would not pass by so easily nowadays. Today, experts use careful safety measures and controlled settings to test things like bulletproof glass. They know the risks and make sure to keep everyone safe.

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