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BREAKING! Baltimore Bridge Collapses Into Water. People Fall Into the River

By The Hyperhive


26 March 2024

Baltimore Bridge Collapse

©️ Guardian News / YouTube & Bruce Emmerling / Pixabay

Early Tuesday morning, Baltimore was rocked by a devastating event: the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, Maryland, partially collapsed into the Patapsco River. The incident has sparked a large-scale search-and-rescue operation as emergency personnel scramble to respond to the crisis.

Baltimore Bridge Collapse
©️ Guardian News / YouTube

What Caused the Baltimore Bridge Collapse?

At approximately 1:30 a.m., the bridge, part of Interstate 695, crumbled after being hit by a massive container ship. The vessel involved in the collision was the Dali, a 948-foot container ship, according to U.S. Coast Guard Public Information Officer Matthew West. Departing from Baltimore around 1 a.m., the Singapore-flagged ship was en route to Colombo, Sri Lanka. The collision resulted in the closure of traffic in both lanes, causing disruptions on I-695, an essential artery of Interstate 95 along the Eastern seaboard.

Baltimore Bridge Collapse
©️ The Times and The Sunday Times / YouTube

Search for Survivors Continues

The collapse of the bridge, which opened in 1977 and spans 1.6 miles over the Patapsco River, elicited a rapid response from emergency personnel and local authorities. Divers were deployed to search for individuals who may have fallen into the water during the collapse. The bridge, named after the writer of “The Star-Spangled Banner,” holds significant historical and infrastructural importance, situated about 45 miles northeast of Washington, D.C.

Baltimore Bridge Collapse
©️ The Times and The Sunday Times / YouTube

State of Emergency

In the wake of the disaster, Maryland Governor Wes Moore declared a state of emergency, pledging to deploy federal resources to support response and recovery operations. Ship tracking data revealed that the Dali collided with one of the bridge’s pillars, leading to its collapse. The vessel’s management company confirmed that all crew members, including two pilots, were safe.

The closure of the Francis Scott Key Bridge, a 1.6-mile, 4-lane structure critical for regional transportation, highlighted the vulnerability of infrastructure and underscored the need for robust emergency preparedness measures. The bridge, an integral part of Baltimore’s transportation network, serves as a vital link for the region’s economy, supporting shipping activities generating over $3.3 billion annually and employing thousands of individuals directly.

Baltimore Bridge Collapse
©️ KPRC 2 Click2Houston / YouTube

Scary Footage!

The incident was captured dramatically on video, showing smoke billowing from the vessel as the bridge and its adjacent roadway crumbled into the river. Emergency services, including the Baltimore Police Department and the U.S. Coast Guard, swiftly mobilized to the scene.

Reports from the Baltimore Fire Department indicated that multiple vehicles plummeted into the river during the collapse. The situation was exacerbated by the vessel catching fire, intensifying the urgency of rescue efforts. Baltimore Mayor Brandon M. Scott and other local officials were quick to respond, coordinating efforts to manage the unfolding crisis.

Baltimore County Executive Johnny Olszewski Jr. took to social media to confirm ongoing rescue efforts following the incident at the Key Bridge. He urged his followers to keep those affected in their thoughts and prayers.

In his statement, Olszewski stated, “I am aware of the situation at the Key Bridge and remain in regular communication with my Fire Chief and Director of Emergency Operations. Rescue efforts are underway. Please pray for those impacted.”

The Francis Scott Key Bridge, commonly referred to as the Key Bridge, spans the Patapsco River and is a crucial part of the I-95 interstate, connecting Miami, Florida to Maine.

More ‘Scary’ Baltimore Bridge Collapse Footage

Recent footage has emerged online, showcasing the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore before today’s tragic incident. The bridge collapsed after being struck by a container ship, leading authorities to declare it a ‘mass casualty event.’

Initial reports from rescue operations suggested that ‘seven individuals and several vehicles’ could have fallen into the water.

Updates from authorities are anticipated as rescue efforts continue to assess the extent of the damage and search for potential survivors.

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