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People Are Mad After Millions Of Songs on TikTok Are Muted

By The Hyperhive


2 February 2024

Universal Music Group TikTok agreement

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TikTok’s having a rough time, and it is not because of some crazy dance trend. Universal Music Group (UMG) decided to yank its massive song catalog off the app after its licensing deal with TikTok expired. What does that mean for us? Find out below everything you need to know about Universal Music Group and their Agreement with TikTok.

Universal Music Group TikTok Agreement

Millions of TikTok videos are about to hit the mute button! Why? Well, it turns out Universal Music Group (UMG) and TikTok couldn’t agree on something, and now any song owned by UMG, including big names like Taylor Swift, SZA, the Weeknd, and Ariana Grande, is getting kicked off the platform.

You know those TikTok songs that went crazy viral, like Taylor Swift’s “Cruel Summer” in 2.5 million videos? Yeah, those are about to go silent. And guess what? UMG thinks the money TikTok offered them was peanuts compared to other social media platforms. Plus, they’re worried about all those AI-generated sounds on the app.

But here’s where it gets interesting – TikTok’s not having it. They are calling UMG’s move “self-serving” and basically saying, “You’re leaving a billion-user party? Really?” Looks like the music showdown on TikTok just hit a high note.

What Happened With Our Favorite Songs?

Well, suddenly, our go-to tracks from Taylor Swift have gone silent. If you are part of #SwiftTok, you are probably feeling the pain. Creators who poured their hearts into videos featuring Taylor Swift’s tunes are now left with muted drafts and a whole lot of frustration. Some are trying to get creative, using alternative versions or dodging copyrighted music, but let’s be real – it is not the same vibe.

Universal Music Group TikTok agreement
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Savannah Delullo, a Wordle influencer, and Swiftie spilled the tea, saying her most-viewed vids are Taylor Swift talks with Swift songs in the background. Losing that soundtrack hurts. Madeline Macrae, another TikToker, is torn. She is annoyed about the change but thinks maybe it’s time to appreciate songs as they are, without turning them into 60-second memes.

But it is not just Swifties facing the silence. Olivia Rodrigo’s official account and even Billie Eilish’s UMG-licensed tracks are hitting a mute wall. It is like the music’s been ghosted. Drake too! Creators are scrambling, thinking of using remixes or totally different tunes. The struggle is real.

Universal Music Group TikTok agreement
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What Will the Future Hold

TikTok bigwigs confirmed the change only affects UMG music for now. In an email to WIRED, a head of music communications, Barney Hooper, spilled the beans, saying we are stuck with muted jams until TikTok and UMG patch things up. But who knows when that will happen?

This mess is not just about TikTok losing its musical mojo. It is about the community. Some creators are hoping this could be a chance for smaller artists to shine, but the uncertainty remains.

So, as we scroll through TikTok’s now-muted world, one thing’s clear – the sound of silence isn’t as sweet as the beats we used to vibe to. TikTok, we miss the music!

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