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Everyone Is Obsessed With NPC – The New Viral TikTok Trend

By Orgesta Tolaj


15 August 2023

TikTok trend

©️ pinkydollreal, trishlikefish88 / TikTok

TikTok is no stranger to viral trends that come and go, but this recent trend has everyone on their feet. TikTok creators are now embracing a unique trend, where they are live streaming as NPCs or “non-playable characters” and using the streams as a way to make money. The new viral TikTok trend, shows creators acting as characters in a video game, as they do a funny routine of random talking, funny stares, and sudden movements.

The word “NPC” comes from the game “Dungeons and Dragons” and it is used to talk about characters controlled by the game’s master. The term later became popular in the gaming world as well. It started being used to describe characters in video games who have their own set actions and words, and players can’t control them, like the people walking around in “Grand Theft Auto”, which was also what inspired the main creator of the trend, known as “Pinkydoll”.

So, guess who’s going to Hollywood?


I got a lot coming for you GANG GANG and they think i was gonna flop 👑👑👑👑 #viral #ptp #fyp #trending #foryoupage #pourtoipage #pinkydoll #hollywood

♬ son original – Pinkydoll

But, this is when it all started…

How Did NPC TikTok Trend Begin?

The whole ordeal began when a woman named “Pinkydoll” started a live stream on TikTok. Pinkydoll, whose real name is Fedha Sinon, became a viral sensation later on, on July 2023. In her live streams, phrases like “ice cream, so good” and “gang gang” in response to gifts, became viral memes leading to a wave of NPC streamers using and parodying her phrases.

Pinkydoll has garnered 400,000 TikTok followers and earns over $7,000 daily and this is all thanks to her uncanny valley movements and unique charisma. Her blend of surrealism and videogame-like body movements has also garnered attention from the likes of Timbaland and ATL Jacob.

pinkydoll npc tiktok trend
© pinkydoll / Instagram

TikTok viewers engage by sending brief emojis, filters, or animations, to which Pinkydoll responds in a robotic manner, with these contributions being acquired through TikTok coins, each coin equivalent to approximately 1.5 cents; amassing a steady stream of requests.

The Money Behind the NPC TikTok Trend

In July, PinkyDoll shared with The New York Times that she makes around $2,000 to $3,000 (£2,360 to £1,570) from each livestream. She gets this money when people send her small gifts in the app that make her react. Even though each gift is worth just a little bit of money, many people send them, adding up to thousands of dollars. For example, sending her a virtual ice cream cone costs around $1.30 (£1.02).

The “Down Side” of NPC Livestreams

Ever since the NPC TikTok trend started to become viral, people have had mixed opinions on the matter. While some find it funny, and some just don’t understand why someone would do these lives, the streams are also often seen as fetish content.

As the content became more widely known, a lot of people have thought that those who enjoy having control or power over others might be using it to satisfy their specific interests, like the idea of being in charge of their own doll or video game character. Some people have compared it to online adult content platforms such as Fansly and OnlyFans, which are available on a platform that can also be easily accessed by kids.

However, NPC creators have stepped up to explain that although they do create separate content for OnlyFans, their TikTok streams do not show that as they don’t offer sexual services in exchange for gifts on their live streams. Additionally, they also never show any type of NPC movements or mannerisms in their sexual platforms either. These two services are completely different, especially according to another famous NPC live streamer known as Cherry Crush.

What are your thoughts on this intriguing TikTok trend? Are you amazed by the creative ways people are using TikTok to generate income, or do you have concerns about the potential impacts and implications? Let us know in the comments down below!

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