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Cardi B and Offset Face Lawsuit for Rental Chaos

By The Hyperhive


29 December 2023

Cardi B Offset lawsuit

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In the aftermath of their much-publicized breakup after seven years together, Cardi B and Offset find themselves entangled in legal troubles. Recent reports reveal that the ex-couple is facing a lawsuit for allegedly failing to pay rent on the Beverly Hills residence they occupied. Apparently, they left the property in a state of disrepair.

Allegations of Unpaid Rent and Property Damage

According to documents obtained by TMZ, the celebrities had been residing in the luxurious Beverly Hills home since early 2022. However, in October, they abruptly vacated the premises without notifying the landlords. The landlord alleges that Cardi B and Offset were not only behind on rent and utility payments but also left the property in a significantly damaged condition.

Cardi B Offset lawsuit
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The reported damages include permanent scratches on floors, carpets, and curtains, broken furniture, holes in the walls, and burn marks on various surfaces such as tables, counters, and cabinets. The estimated cost of the damages amounts to a staggering $85,000, as confirmed in the filed lawsuit.

Attempts to resolve the matter amicably have allegedly been unsuccessful. The landlord claims to have made multiple efforts to reach an agreement with the ex-couple. The legal action comes at a time when Cardi B publicly confirmed her split from Offset. During a recent Instagram live session, she expressed her desire for a fresh start in 2024.

Cardi B Offset lawsuit
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In her livestream, Cardi B confessed to being single for a while and shared her apprehensions about revealing the news. Despite the separation, the former couple now faces the prospect of setting aside their differences to address the legal ramifications of the property damage and unpaid rent.

The landlord’s claims align with recent social media activity that hinted at the couple’s strained relationship. Cardi B unfollowed Offset on Instagram, making their breakup public. The legal troubles now add another layer to their already tumultuous situation, raising questions about whether they will be able to collaborate in resolving this legal matter. The couple who also share two children, have a long road to go with their separation issues.

Cardi B and Offset’s Unfolding Drama

It is worth noting that the lawsuit follows Cardi B’s recent outbursts on social media against Offset. In a series of now-deleted posts, she expressed frustration and used explicit language to convey her feelings. The legal action, coupled with their publicized split, suggests that the ex-couple’s troubles extend beyond personal matters and into financial and legal realms.

Cardi B Offset lawsuit
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Representatives for Cardi B and Offset have not yet provided a statement regarding the lawsuit. The unfolding legal drama adds a new chapter to the ongoing saga of Cardi B and Offset. It is leaving fans and the public intrigued about how this legal battle will unfold in the coming days.

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