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Celebrities Hidden Talents You Probably Never Knew About

By Orgesta Tolaj


6 October 2023

celebrities hidden talents

© taylorswift / Instagram & Yulia Khlebnikova / Unsplash

While being an actor or singer is definitely an accomplishment in itself, these celebrities want to prove themselves more. From knife throwing to acrobatics, these celebrities’ hidden talents will have you wondering how that combination works to begin with! Meet these ten celebrities and their hidden talents, and find out what they could have possibly been doing with their lives if it weren’t for their acting career.

10 Celebrities Hidden Talents You Need to See

Here are some of the most unbelievable celebrities hidden talents you probably never heard of:

1. Taylor Swift – Jam Maker

Taylor Swift, the renowned pop queen, has a heartwarming penchant for performing acts of kindness for her friends. One such act of kindness has evolved into a personal hobby for Swift. Growing up on a Christmas tree farm, she fondly observed her mother crafting homemade grape jelly annually for the holiday season. This cherished family tradition served as the spark that ignited Swift’s passion for creating her own line of jellies and jams.

celebrities hidden talents
© taylorswift / Instagram & Yulia Khlebnikova / Unsplash

2. Eminem – Comic Artist

Eminem, the iconic rapper, has a lesser-known passion for comic drawing. Beyond his acclaimed music career, Eminem has a deep love for the world of comic books and graphic art. This creative pursuit serves as a unique outlet for him, offering a break from the intensity of the music industry.

Eminem’s interest in comics drawing can be traced back to his childhood, where he found solace in sketching his favorite characters from comic books.

eminem celebrities hidden talent
© eminem / Instagram & Erik Mclean / Unsplash

3. Terry Crews – Drawing

Yes, you heard that right! If you have ever seen “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”, you have definitely seen the works of art this buff man can produce. Terry Crews, the versatile actor known for his powerful physique and charismatic roles, has a lesser-known talent and passion for drawing. Beyond his impressive acting career, Crews has a deep love for the world of visual art and creativity.

terry crews artis celebrities hidden talents
© terrycrews / Instagram

4. Margot Robbie – Tattoo Artist

What can’t she do? Margot Robbie is definitely an all-rounder and this specific talent proves it. While she primarily focuses on acting, Robbie has occasionally shared her tattooing endeavors on social media, giving fans a glimpse into this lesser-known aspect of her life. Although her accounts are inactive as of now, fans are still proud of her work. Her dedication to tattoo artistry demonstrates her multifaceted creativity and her willingness to explore various forms of self-expression.

© Margot Robbie former Instagram & benjamin lehman / Unsplash

5. Justin Bieber – Rubik Cube Master

Justin Bieber, the international pop sensation, has a remarkable and unexpected talent—he is a master of the Rubik’s Cube. Except for his chart-topping music career, Bieber has a deep passion for solving this iconic puzzle, showcasing his intellectual prowess and dedication to mastering this challenging brain teaser.

justin bieber hidden talent
© justinbieber / Instagram, Olav Ahrens Røtne / Unsplash

6. Dwayne Johnson – Ukulele Player

While this hunk of a man makes even normal-sized things seem tiny, imagine what he does to the ukulele! Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, the iconic actor and former wrestling champion, has a surprising and delightful talent as a ukulele player. Beyond his larger-than-life persona in the entertainment world, Johnson is a skilled and passionate ukulele enthusiast who has an undeniable knack for strumming beautiful melodies on this small instrument.

dwayne johnson ukulele hidden talent
© Rotten Tomatoes Trailer

7. Angelina Jolie – Knife Thrower

Angelina Jolie is known for her fascination with dangerous hobbies and weapons, having learned knife throwing during the filming of Tomb Raider. She has been collecting weapons since her youth and demonstrated her knife skills on The Conan O’Brien Show in front of a silent audience.

angelina jolie knife throwing talent
© Tomb Raider / Crystal Dynamics

8. Tom Holland – Ballet Dancer

Tom Holland, widely known for his portrayal of Spider-Man, has a hidden talent and passion for ballet dance, and acrobatics. Beyond his superhero on-screen persona, Holland has spent years cultivating his skills in these physically demanding art forms.

Holland’s interest in ballet and acrobatics can be traced back to his early years when he was first introduced to dance.

tom holland hidden talent
© London’s West End

9. Neil Patrick Harris – Magician

Neil Patrick Harris, the acclaimed actor whom you might know for his role in “How I Met Your Mother” possesses a captivating talent as a magician. As a matter of fact, he has shown many of his magic skills during the show as well! So, in addition to his acting career, Harris is also an accomplished magician who has embraced the world of illusion and prestidigitation.

neil patrick harris talent
© Watchmojo / Youtube

10. Chris Evans – Piano Player

Chris Evans, best known for his portrayal of Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has a hidden talent and passion for playing the piano. Beyond his superhero on-screen persona, Evans is a skilled piano player who finds solace and expression in music.

chris evans talent
© chrisevans / Instagram

Which hidden talent shocked you the most? Is there a combination of celebrity and hidden talent you know about? Let us know in the comment section!

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