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Childhood Friends Reunite via Twitter: The Internet Wins Again!

By Orgesta Tolaj


25 March 2024

childhood friends reunite

© Brianna Cry / Twitter

Friendships formed in childhood hold a special place in our hearts, but as life takes us in different directions, it’s not uncommon for these bonds to not exist anymore. This is especially true if you have ever made friends while you were on a trip with your family. But, what happens when you try to reunite with these friends for good old time’s sake? Well, that’s when social media can come quite in handy! These two childhood friends managed to reunite after going viral on Twitter. So, who said social media is bad for you?

Childhood Friends Reunite Through Twitter

In 2006, Brianna and her friend Heidi met during a vacation dinner cruise in Honolulu and quickly became best friends. After the vacation ended, they lost touch for 12 years. In 2018, Brianna took to Twitter, asking for help to reconnect with Heidi.

Then, Brianna, under the Twitter user @Briannacry posted a picture of herself wearing a lei next to a girl in a blue dress and asked for retweets. The tweet has garnered over 101,000 retweets and continues to grow in popularity.

© briannacry / X

Heidi Responds

Less than 12 hours after the initial post on Saturday, November 24, Twitter user @heii_tree responded. She shared a picture of herself and her family on the dinner cruise and tweeted, “Heard you were looking for me.”

© adelheid_jpg / Twitter

Brianna, aged 19, expressed immediate joy upon receiving Heidi’s response, exclaiming, “OMG. My heart is so happy.” She had initially anticipated a longer search for Heidi but was pleasantly surprised by the quick connection. Brianna shared with BuzzFeed News that since reuniting, she and Heidi have been exchanging stories about their lives. Reflecting on the experience, Brianna emphasized the power of the internet in bringing them together and marveled at how it demonstrated the world’s interconnectedness. They have since caught up on various aspects of their lives, including school and personal experiences.

The Childhood Friends Even Made It to Ellen!

Brianna Cry and Heidi Tran’s heartwarming story of reconnection took an exciting turn when Ellen DeGeneres intervened to bring them together in person. The two friends appeared on the December 10th, 2018 episode of The Ellen Show, where Ellen orchestrated a reunion. Brianna recounted their initial meeting on a dinner cruise in Hawaii as children and her plea on Twitter to find Heidi. Ellen facilitated their reunion, making their once-on-a-time friendship even sweeter.

Childhood Friends Reunite
© ellentube / YouTube

Are there any childhood friends you would love to reunite with?

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