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Man or Dog? Japanese Man Transforms Himself Into a Dog

By Orgesta Tolaj


15 August 2023

Japanese man dog costume

© toco_eevee / Instagram

Taking identity crisis to the next level! This Japanese Man enjoys getting into his fours and pretends to be a dog walking in a park. Imagine spotting him in his super-realistic dog outfit, hanging out with people in the park along with their furry pets. It’s definitely a mix of fun and creativity that grabs the interest of anyone lucky to see this man in action.

Using an incredibly lifelike costume, this man from Japan easily transforms himself into a dog. However, he keeps this unusual canine side only to himself.

Although Toco invested around two million Yen (approximately $14,000) in a custom-made rough collie outfit, he chooses to hide his transformation from his friends and coworkers because they find his desire to be a dog a bit strange.

Behind Toco’s Scenes

A Japanese man, known by his Twitter username Toco, fulfilled his dream of becoming a four-legged animal by spending $14,000 to create a lifelike rough-collie costume. He had previously shared a video on Twitter rolling around and waving with his paws in his dog suit.

japanese man in dog costume
© zeppetJP / Twitter

Toco also has a YouTube channel where he documents his life in the fur costume. He mentioned in the channel description that he became a collie because he wanted to know what it is like to be an animal. The company Zeppet, which specializes in creating models and sculptures for TV and film, designed the outfit and claimed that it took over 40 days to complete the commission.

Toco chose the rough-collie costume due to its long fur which would help with concealing his humanlike features. He expressed his preference for four-legged (or quadrupedal) animals, especially cute ones, and explained the challenges in replicating a dog’s appearance. His video content includes interactions with dogs and parkgoers. Despite the interesting appearance, some viewers found it bizarre and unusual.

Next Level Animal Impersonation

On July 21, more than a year following his initial appearance as a dog in 2022, Toco posted a video of himself outdoors, engaging with park visitors and their dogs. In the video caption, Toco mentioned that the footage had been filmed the previous year during an interview he held with the German television station RTL. Some dogs were spotted quickly retreating after observing Toco closely.

japanese man in dog costume
© I want to be an animal / Youtube

Commenters amusingly mentioned that the dogs would definitely not be fooled as they could smell that the Japanese man was not really a dog.

Toco’s pursuit of his unique passion, despite concerns about societal norms, reminds us that embracing our true selves is a journey that is highly inspiring. What about you, would ever be daring enough to walk in a dog suit in person?

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