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‘Barbie’ vs ‘Oppenheimer’ – Who Wins?

By Orgesta Tolaj


14 August 2023


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Let the Clash of the Titans begin! And no, we don’t mean the one in “Attack on Titans”. Instead, we are talking about the colossal cinematic clash that is taking the internet by storm which is the ‘Barbie’ vs ‘Oppenheimer’ fiasco.

Whether you have watched any of the two biggest movies of the year or not, you have at least heard about one of them. But, which of the movies is actually hitting the right spots for critics and the general public, and which is falling a bit behind? Let’s find out together!

‘Barbie’ vs ‘Oppenheimer’: Who Won the Critics Over?

In terms of the latest Rotten Tomatoes ratings, Oppenheimer holds a slight edge over Barbie, boasting a critical score of 93% compared to Barbie’s 88%. This trend also extends to the audience reception scores, with Oppenheimer securing 91% while Barbie follows closely behind with 84%.

However, if we discuss the box office numbers, the number one spot changes. Barbie’s weekend opening brought in an impressive $155 million, surpassing even Super Mario Bros. for the most significant debut this year. Its global cumulative total has now exceeded $1 billion. Margot Robbie herself claimed that the only way that she was successful in selling the Barbie movie idea to a production company, was to promise them a $1 billion box office globally. Talk about manifestation!

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On the other hand, Oppenheimer was initially projected to earn around $50 million in its inaugural weekend. However, it exceeded expectations by generating $80.5 million during that period and has since achieved a worldwide box office of over $500 million.

The Barbeinheimer War

It’s important to consider that one of the most important aspects that can help find a winner between the ‘Barbie’ vs ‘ Oppenheimer’ war is their run time and PG rating. Barbie has a run time of around 2 hours while Oppenheimer stands tall at 3 hours instead. The latter is also rated R, while Barbie is only PG-13.

But, why is this important? Well, according to some research, people have lower attention spans than ever. This means that it is easier for them to adjust to a 2-hour movie rather than a 3-hour one. Besides that, harsher ratings mean fewer people can come and watch the movie, and for that, Barbie takes the cake!

Another major thing that has helped Barbie reach the peaks it has now, is its marketing budget. The Barbie movie team reportedly spent more money on marketing rather than the actual movie itself. And it definitely worked, to say the least! Barbie took the internet by storm and everyone was talking about the movie before it even released.

However, this talk also helped Oppenheimer with exposure as well. Internet users were quick to notice the differences between the two movies that were debuting at the same time. They noticed the contrasting aesthetics and used them to promote both movies which helped Oppenheimer garner more attention as well.

Despite their difference in their critical acclaim and box office earnings, both Barbie and Oppenheimer are undeniably enjoying remarkable success, receiving warm appreciation from both reviewers and viewers. The Barbeinheimer agenda will be one to be talked about for years to come in the cinematic world for sure!

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