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Conjoined Twins Clap Back at Haters: “You’re Still a Fan!”

By Orgesta Tolaj


4 April 2024

Conjoined twins Clap Back at Haters

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Abby and Brittany Hensel are conjoined twins who have gained media attention for living their lives unapologetically despite the scrutiny and criticism they often face. Recently, a photo from Abby’s wedding with Josh Bowling sparked backlash and negative comments from haters. However, the conjoined twins were more than ready to clap back at the haters. Here is what they had to say.

Why Did the Conjoined Twins Clap Back at Haters?

Abby and her sister, both 34, gained attention again after Abby’s marriage to Josh Bowling. In response to critics, they posted a TikTok video on March 29 with pictures of them and Abby’s husband. They stated that even those who criticize them but still follow their activities are essentially fans. The twins mentioned: “If you don’t like what I do but watch everything I’m doing, you’re still a fan.”

Conjoined twins Clap Back at Haters
© abbyandbrittanyhensel / TikTok

Abby and Brittany, conjoined twins from the belly button down, dismiss social media as mere noise. They’ve expressed their enduring presence and happiness on platforms like TikTok, emphasizing their love story and marriage despite the online chatter.

How Did the Conjoined Twins Gain Media Attention?

In 1996, Abby and Brittany gained widespread fame after appearing on The Oprah Winfrey Show. Their journey continued with documentaries like “Joined for Life: Abby & Brittany Turn 16” in 2006 and “Extraordinary People: The Twins Who Share a Body” in 2007. They also had their own reality series on TLC in 2012 called “Abby & Brittany.”

Conjoined twins Clap Back at Haters
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Brittany, controlling their left limbs, emphasizes their distinct personalities and how they negotiate and share tasks. Despite their unique situation of being conjoined twins, they express contentment with their way of life, highlighting the activities they enjoy together such as playing softball and meeting new people. They value their shared experiences and wouldn’t want to be separated, as it allows them to engage in various activities they love.

The Conjoined Twins Now Have an Even Bigger Family

Abby gained a stepdaughter, Isabella, after marrying Josh Bowling, a nurse and veteran, on November 13, 2021. Despite public surprise, Abby and Brittany had long considered starting a family. In the documentary “Joined for Life: Abby & Brittany Turn 16” from 2006, Brittany expressed the desire to become a mother with Abby, although they hadn’t figured out the logistics of how it would work for them.

Conjoined twins Clap Back at Haters
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