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Couple Recreates Wedding for a Special Family Member

By Orgesta Tolaj


8 December 2023

couple recreates wedding for grandma with alzheimers


What if you could relive your wedding once again? Would you plan it the same way, or are there things you would like to change? Would you be able to feel the same emotions you did the first time? Well, this couple had a chance to do that. However, it is not because they were feeling bored, or wanted to renew their vowels. This couple recreated their wedding for a grandma with Alzheimer’s who didn’t have the chance to “witness” it the first time.

Couple Recreates Wedding, But Why?

Childhood sweethearts Will and Rebecca Heppell, both 26, embarked on a heartwarming journey to recreate their wedding ceremony just two weeks after their initial nuptials. The couple had originally tied the knot in a picturesque ceremony in the Cotswolds, surrounded by 60 guests. However, their decision to re-enact their vows was fueled by a desire to include the bride’s grandmother. Peggy Dracup was unable to attend the first celebration due to residing in a care home.

couple recreates wedding for grandma with alzheimers

Undeterred by the 360-mile distance, the newlyweds chose to stage a more intimate ceremony in the serene grounds of Peggy Dracup’s care home. This thoughtful gesture allowed the elderly grandmother to witness and partake in the joyous occasion. It also created a special and unforgettable memory for the entire family.

Wedding Recreation for Grandma With Alzheimer’s

The 91-year-old grandmother, who reportedly has Alzheimer’s, couldn’t attend the initial ceremony. In a heartwarming gesture, the couple repeated their wedding ceremony 164 miles away to include her in the celebration. Rebecca Heppell expressed that it was a special and joyous day. She emphasized the significance of her grandmother being part of the event despite her health condition.

couple recreates wedding for grandma with alzheimers

Rebecca Heppell shared that despite her grandmother’s memory challenges, she recognized the couple and admired the beauty of the wedding dress. Both newlyweds work as teachers and have a long history. They met as teenagers and got engaged during a romantic break in Iceland on their 10th anniversary last March. To ensure the grandmother’s participation, the couple, decided to recreate the entire wedding day on the grounds of the care home where Peggy Dracup resides, Osborne House in Selby, North Yorkshire. This thoughtful gesture allowed her to be a part of the celebration despite the initial logistical challenges.

Was It the Same As the First?

The couple, who initially wed on August 5 and honeymooned in Kenya and Mauritius, recreated their special day on August 29 to ensure the bride’s grandmother could be part of it. The second ceremony, a replica of the first, was meticulously recreated, from the decorations to striking the same poses during their first dances. Despite the practical challenges of bringing the grandma with Alzheimer’s down to the Cotswolds, the couple went to great lengths to make her presence possible.

Following the ceremony, the couple enjoyed a shower of rose petals, and Rebecca Heppell expressed her joy at her grandmother’s delight, emphasizing that the second ceremony, although not the “real” one, was thoroughly enjoyed by her grandmother. The bride also highlighted the more relaxed atmosphere during the second ceremony and shared that her sister played music, catering to her grandmother’s love for music.

What do you think of the sweet gesture?

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