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Dakota Johnson Was on Saturday Night Live With Justin Timberlake

By The Hyperhive


30 January 2024

Saturday Night Live

©️ Saturday Night Live / YouTube

Dakota Johnson went viral again this week, and this time it’s because of the Saturday Night Live (SNL) promo featuring her and Justin Timberlake. She is making a comeback as the host, following a somewhat questionable-to-poor debut appearance back in season 40. But, there is this buzz about her new superhero movie, “Madame Web,” because the trailer went all viral for being awkwardly campy and absurd.

©️ Saturday Night Live / YouTube

So, going into the review, there is this mix of curiosity, nostalgia, and expectations, wondering if Dakota could shake off her previous hosting vibe and how that viral trailer will play into the comedy of the night. And hold on, because we buried the lead here – Justin Timberlake is making a comeback! He used to be a New Millennium SNL host, but he hasn’t graced the stage in over a decade. Big deal, right? However, the comeback is not without its hurdles. There has been some not-so-great PR, especially with the whole Britney Spears situation. The public mood has shifted against JT as he tries to tiptoe back into the music scene. There is a surprise that could have been predicted by most, but you have to continue reading to find out if you guessed it.

Let’s dive into our picked sketches and see what SNL had in store for us this time!

Cold Open

So, we have got a fantastic duo in Andrew Dismukes and James Austin Johnson taking the stage. Dismukes, playing Tony Romo, starts off by lamenting that it’s the last football game of the year “for just us guys.” And yeah, the Super Bowl doesn’t really count for the true football enthusiasts – it’s for those who don’t follow the sport religiously. They toss it over to James Brown, played by the legendary Kenan Thompson, who amusingly wishes the ocean was filled with sugar instead of salt. And guess what? He’s never watched the Pro Bowl – who can blame him?

Saturday Night Live
©️ Saturday Night Live / YouTube

As these football commentators get all emotional about the decline of their beloved sport at the end of the season, they even dive into the topic of Barbie’s Oscar snub.

Now, Molly Kearney and Devon Walker have a couple of hiccups along the way, but Walker sets up what could have been the sketch’s highlight: Dismukes and James Austin Johnson breaking into a spoof version of the Fast & Furious anthem, “See You Again.” Sure, a few cues are missed, and the song stumbles a bit, but hey, it was a pretty cool idea. And that’s a wrap for this football-filled SNL sketch! 🏈✨

Dakota Johnson’s Monologue

Alright, so Dakota Johnson’s on SNL, and she’s chatting about her appearance on the 40th Anniversary Special. She cracks a joke about her proximity to Taylor Swift, almost as important as being close to Donald Trump, or so she jests. And let’s be real, she admits she is not the best at talking to journalists – who can blame her?

Then, there is this adorable clip of her goofing around with her dad when she was just a little kid. Cute, right?

Saturday Night Live
©️ Saturday Night Live / YouTube

Now, she drops the name Justin Timberlake, and he magically appears on the stage. He is all chill, saying he is happy to be part of the sketches. But, oh boy, in comes Jimmy Fallon as Barry Gibb. It’s one of those moments that makes you groan – kinda sad and predictable. Sure, they had to do it, but Dakota points out how it just emphasizes how much time has flown since SNL 40.

And get this, Patrick Weathers spills some beans about socializing with Dakota’s family. His friend Peter Aykroyd was tight with Dakota’s grandma, Tippi Hedren. They used to hang out in Hollywood, bonding over their shared passion for tigers. Talk about a wild connection!

The Barry Gibb Talk Show

Where is JT there is also Jimmi Fallon! The first “Barry Gibb Talk Show” sketch with Timberlake and Fallon goes way back to October 2003. And even after more than 20 years, it kind of worked. Whether you like Fallon and Timberlake or not, there’s something enduring about Fallon’s Barry Gibb impression and the funny lyrics they come up with. Timberlake sticks to his role as the quiet Robin Gibb without cracking up.

In this recent episode, the sketch initially feels a bit off, but eventually, it seems to win over the audience. Fallon’s energetic antics and Gibb’s refusal to take any nonsense keep things lively. Nostalgia always does it!

Saturday Night Live
©️ Saturday Night Live / YouTube

Dakota Roasts ‘Please Don’t Destroy’

So, the host, Dakota Johnson, strolls into the boys’ office, by being herself. Her dry sense of humor takes center stage here. She casually admits she’s seen all their videos but, surprise, she hasn’t liked any of them. Things quickly escalate into a hilarious insult exchange. The jokes about their Peacock movie flopping and Sydney Sweeney being a bigger star than Dakota hit the mark.

Johnson even compares the guys to Workaholics and “Lonelier” Island, which is just gold. But then, she drops the ultimate bomb – she calls out their dads for kickstarting their careers. The whole “Nepo truce” moment is pure comedy gold. Sure, it’s kind of like having it both ways, playfully recognizing privilege without exactly speaking truth to power. But hey, it’s all in good fun. Don’t miss it!

Saturday Night Live
©️ ©️ Saturday Night Live / YouTube

Weekend Update

Here at The Hyper Hive, we love Weekend Update. The anchors dive into this week’s headline – a jury ordering Trump to pay E. Jean Carroll a whopping $83.3 million after years of insults. Michael Che can’t help but appreciate the crowd’s reaction, and he throws in a humorous moment about none other than (former SNL host!) O.J. Simpson.

Next up is a guy named Ethan, played by the fantastic Bowen Yang. He steps in to discuss the week’s Oscar snubs, and he’s got his own awards show where he’s not holding back on expressing his frustration over the lack of diversity. It’s a real thing, and Yang brings a fresh and different character vibe to the Update desk.

And then, the great British psychic and tarot card reader, Heidi Gardner, makes her appearance to predict the 2024 election. It’s a delight to see Gardner back at the Update desk, drawing the Newsman card with a prophecy about Che’s career taking a nosedive… down what appears to be the toilet! The whole “Kiss the top card, lick it!” moment and the Catfish card add a hilarious touch. They’re definitely playing up the barbed dynamic between our two favorite anchors, extending the Joke Swap fun. It’s a blast!

©️ Saturday Night Live / YouTube

Justin Timberlake Performs “Selfish” and “Sanctified”

Justin Timberlake, the 42-year-old pop star was there to promote his upcoming sixth solo album, “Everything I Thought It Was”. He performed his recently released single “Selfish,” which will be part of the album. He also debuted a new track titled “Sanctified.” The energetic performance included a full band and backup dancers.

His upcoming album, “Everything I Thought It Was,” is scheduled to be released on March 15, following his 2018 album “Man of the Woods.”

©️ Saturday Night Live / YouTube

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