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Doja Cat Warns Parents to Not Bring Their Kids to Her Shows

By Orgesta Tolaj


30 April 2024

doja cat warns parents

© DojaCat / X & dojacat / Instagram

As a parent, you may have certain expectations when it comes to taking your children to concerts. However, not all artists may be suitable for young audiences. In a recent statement, Doja Cat has warned parents about bringing their kids to her shows. While the star continues to rise to the top, not everyone is welcome to her concerts. This is what the rapper had to say.

Doja Cat Warns Parents About Her Concerts and Shows

While we are definitely fans of the “Paint the Town Red” singer, it seems like others have different issues to worry about. Doja Cat has criticized fans who bring their children to her concerts, urging them to leave the kids at home instead. The singer and rapper, known for her explicit content, used her social media account to warn parents who bring their kids to her shows.

The posts on X read:

“idk what the fuck you think this is but i don’t make music for children so leave your kids at home motherfucker.”

Doja Cat Warns Parents
© DojaCat / X

She also tweeted: “im rapping about cum why are you bringing your offspring to my show.”

Doja Cat Warns Parents
© DojaCat / X

The 28-year-old artist, preparing for her Scarlet Tour abroad, also pointed out the explicit nature of some of her song lyrics, questioning why parents would bring children to her shows where she raps about adult themes like sexual acts. She emphasized that such content is not suitable for kids and urged parents to leave them at home.

© dojacat / Instagram

What Has Doja Cat Been Recently Up to?

Doja Cat made a splash at Coachella 2024 with her provocative outfits and performance of her hedonistic songs. She even released a limited-edition Funko Pop! figurine inspired by her Coachella attire. The “Say So” artist is set to headline several radio concerts, including Hot 97’s Summer Jam, before embarking on a European tour with performances in England, Amsterdam, Italy, and other locations.

doja cat warns parents
© dojacat / Instagram

On her track “F–k the Girls (FTG)” from Scarlet, Doja Cat dismisses the notion of being a role model for children, asserting that her audience shouldn’t see her in that light. She raps, “Since when was y’all my bastard children / Go ahead and raise y’all self / Come get ya bada–kids, no need to mention.”

What do you think of Doja Cat’s opinion?

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