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Eiza González Was “Too Hot” for a Hollywood Career

By Orgesta Tolaj


22 March 2024

Eiza González

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When it comes to Hollywood, beauty standards are definitely at an all-time high. However, these can sometimes work against talented individuals. Eiza González, known for her striking looks and acting skills, faced the stereotype of being “too hot” for a successful Hollywood career. But does this perception hold true in the competitive entertainment industry?

Eiza González Faced Stereotyping During Her Hollywood Career

Mexican actress Eiza González shares her struggle with Hollywood’s perception of her appearance, recalling numerous instances where she was deemed “too pretty” or “too hot” for roles. Feeling pressured to alter her appearance drastically, she contemplated options such as shaving her head or changing her style to fit certain roles. González reflects on the identity crisis this caused, comparing herself to other actresses like Margot Robbie and questioning her own attractiveness and identity.

Eiza González
© eizagonzalez / Instagram

Eiza González, known for her roles in films like “Baby Driver” and “From Dusk Till Dawn,” rejects the characterization of being labeled as “sexy,” particularly as it pertains to Latin women. She finds the portrayal overly sexualized and disappointing. González acknowledges the challenge of distancing herself from this stereotype in her career, noting that her white peers in the industry didn’t face the same scrutiny.

She Faced Different Issues in Mexico

In Mexico, Eiza González faced criticism from the press, who often criticized her appearance, deeming her not pretty enough. This treatment led to struggles with eating disorders since adolescence, exacerbated by paparazzi capturing her cellulite on the beach, which she describes as the most terrifying moment of her life.

Eiza González
© eizagonzalez / Instagram

Eiza González, known for her role in “3 Body Problem,” endured significant challenges with her body image and appearance. However, she found solace in her love for acting and singing. She feels most alive when performing on stage or in front of the camera.

Eiza Mantains Positivity and Wants to Break Stereotypes

Eiza González embraces the challenges and fears in her career, finding them oddly comforting. Despite facing difficult situations, she maintains a positive outlook, believing that every tragedy is followed by something amazing. González sees her life as filled with diverse experiences and looks at adversity as opportunities for growth.

She told FOX News: “Every time that something tragic happens to me, I never complain about it. Because every single time that something really tragic has happened, something amazing has happened right afterward.”

Do you agree with Eiza González?

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