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Elon Musk Mocks Meta as Facebook & Instagram Go Globally Down

By The Hyperhive


5 March 2024

instagram down Elon Musk Tweet

©️ Elon Musck / Vecteezy, natanaelginting & naproart / Freepik

Are you back online to read this? Did you think you were being hacked, too?

Social media giants Facebook and Instagram experienced a worldwide outage for over 30 minutes, leaving users stranded and unable to access their accounts. In these dark times, Elon Musk couldn’t resist poking fun at Meta, the company behind the social media platforms. He shared a post on his own platform, X, and boy it sparked reactions! Find out what he said!

Facebook & Instagram Down? Somebody Help!

During this time, people couldn’t log into their accounts or use Facebook and Instagram properly. The problem was felt everywhere, from India to Europe, Asia, China, and beyond. A website called showed that tens of thousands of users were affected.

While Meta didn’t say why the outage happened, Musk and X users turned it into something funny.

Elon Musk’s Tweet on Facebook & Instagram Being Down

Posting on his own platform, X, Musk joked, “If you’re reading this post, it’s because our servers are working.” This quip sparked a flurry of reactions as users flooded X with memes and jokes about the outage.

One of Musk’s tweets juxtaposed a post from Meta’s communications head, Andy Stone, with an image of penguins adorned with company logos, subtly implying X’s superiority.

instagram down Elon Musk Tweet
©️ Elon Musk / Twitter

The outage sparked waves of internet humor, with users joking about the influx of social media addicts migrating to X in search of their fix. Some even speculated about Musk’s amusement at Meta’s misfortune, likening the situation to scenes from popular culture, such as Homer Simpson abandoning his family for Moe’s Tavern.

instagram down facebook down simpsons

While another media user shared an image of Mark Zuckerberg fiddling with wires in a bid to fix the problem.

instagram down facebook down Mark Zuckerberg

As Facebook and Instagram slowly got back to normal, it reminded us how much we rely on social media for communication and fun. Many users were kicked out of their accounts and couldn’t see any content. Even Facebook Messenger had problems.

Though the outage was short, it showed how important alternative social media platforms can be. It also showed how competitive the social media world is.

As things went back to normal, Musk’s jokes reminded us that technology can be unpredictable. Isn’t it?

Other Major Shutdown Incidents

October 4, 2021: Facebook experienced a global outage that lasted for approximately six hours. During this time, users were unable to access Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger. The outage was attributed to a configuration change that caused a cascading failure in Meta’s systems.

March 13, 2019: Facebook and its related services, including Instagram and WhatsApp, experienced one of their longest and most widespread outages to date. The disruption lasted for about 24 hours, affecting users worldwide. Facebook attributed the outage to a server configuration change.

November 20, 2018: Facebook and Instagram experienced another significant outage that lasted for several hours. The disruption affected users across various regions and platforms. Facebook later stated that the outage was caused by a routine test that triggered an issue.

While such service interruptions can be inconvenient, particularly for those reliant on these platforms for professional or personal communications, it is noteworthy that Meta Platforms, Inc. (formerly Facebook, Inc.) expeditiously addresses these issues to restore normalcy. Disruptions are an inevitable aspect of digital platforms, therefore, remain patient and take your time to overlook the world beyond your screens!

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