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The Experts Concerned About Kanye West’s Titanium Teeth

By The Hyperhive


23 January 2024

Kanye West titanium teeth

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Hey folks, did you catch the news about Kanye West and his super fancy titanium teeth? The rapper showed off his shiny new grin on Instagram, comparing himself to the James Bond villain, Jaws. And these are not your average veneers or grills. They are a whole new level of dental bling and cost a fortune!

But what exactly are these? How much did they cost? Can he remove them or are they fixed? What about his teeth? And why are experts so concerned about it? Continue reading to find out!

Kanye’s Titanium Teeth Are Special

Kanye West dropped a whopping $850,000 on some super fancy titanium teeth? Yeah, you read that right—$850K! These are teeth that include palladium and platinum materials. But here is the real kicker: these are not your average veneers or grills; they are ‘fixed-prosthodontics.’

“They are, as the name suggests, fixed and permanent, but this goes way beyond veneers or grills,” a source told Page Six.

Kanye West titanium teeth
©️ kanyewest / Instagram

Now, we all had a moment of wondering how Kanye plans to keep those titanium teeth squeaky clean. I mean, a regular toothbrush just won’t cut it, right? Well, TikToker Dylan Page spilled the beans. Apparently, Kanye has got this high-tech water-flossing gum shield thingy. It uses 3D mapping to hit all the nooks and crannies between those pricey titanium teeth at once. Talk about fancy dental care!

But hold up, did Kanye really yank out all his original teeth for this titanium makeover? Nope, not according to Dr. Thomas Connelly, aka the ‘Father of Diamond Dentistry.’ He set the record straight, saying Kanye’s pearly whites are still intact. Phew, no tooth removal drama here.

For The Daily Mail, Dr. Connelly talked about working with West and described him as a ‘pleasure to work with.’

His vision for designing unique art transcends the dental progression.

The Perfect Smile

Kanye’s dental journey is nothing new; he is been on a quest for the perfect smile for ages. Reports say he has had a bunch of dentists on speed dial, trying out grills, implants, and whatnot. It all might be traced back to his 2002 car accident that messed up his jaw. Remember when he recorded “Through The Wire” with his jaw wired shut? Good times.

Kanye West titanium teeth
©️ kanyewest / Instagram

Why Experts Are Concerns?

Now, some experts are raising eyebrows about Kanye’s titanium grin. Dr. Sam Koh, a cosmetic dentist, is waving the caution flag. He is worried about cleaning challenges with that bulky one-piece appliance. According to him, there could be issues like bad breath, sensitivity, and even tooth decay lurking underneath the titanium.

Dr. Koh thinks Kanye probably filed down his original teeth to stick on those titanium dentures. The concern here is that over time, things might get a bit shaky, leading to decay and infections. Yikes, nobody wants dental drama like that.

And what about eating? Dr. Koh’s worried that Kanye might face challenges munching on his favorite snacks. Those flat and bulky surfaces of the new dentures could mess with his eating game, not to mention how it might change his overall appearance, speech, and even his singing and rapping skills. These are some serious things to worry about!

In the end, Kanye’s $850K dental extravaganza is turning heads, sparking curiosity, and a bit of concern. Will this titanium smile be a hit or miss? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure—it is got everyone talking!

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