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Facts About the Latest K-Pop Sensation Known As NewJeans

By Orgesta Tolaj


4 January 2024



Ready to be sucked into the rabbit hole that is K-Pop? Well, we are here to help! If you are looking for an easier transition, look no further! NewJeans is the latest sensation that is sweeping up both the charts and our hearts.

But, who are these girls and how come they have become such an important part of the music industry together? Here are five fun facts to get to know the girls better!

Who Is NewJeans?

NewJeans is an all-female band consisting of five teenage members: Minji (19), Hanni (19), Danielle (18), Haerin (17), and Hyein (15). Most of the girls are from South Asia, with Danielle and Hanni being raised in Australia. Moreover, the group’s name, NewJeans, pays homage to the timeless and iconic fashion staple, jeans, symbolizing enduring style. Additionally, it cleverly plays on the term “new genes,” signifying a fresh generation of K-pop stars.


NewJeans quickly became legendary in the K-pop scene, establishing themselves as one of the world’s prominent girl groups shortly after their debut. They have consistently grown in popularity, achieving significant success, including topping the Billboard 200. Additionally, fans are enamored not only by their fresh sound but also by the endearing camaraderie among the members.

Fun Facts About the Super Shy NewJeans

Can’t get enough of the girls either? Here are some facts to know more about them:

5. NewJeans Label Is Housed by BTS’s Label

NewJeans is signed to ADOR, an independent label in South Korea under HYBE, known for its renowned BigHit Music label, home to BTS. ADOR, which stands for All Doors One Room, is currently exclusively representing NewJeans, making them the sole act under the label.

© newjeans_official / Instagram

4. How NewJeans Was Formed

NewJeans was formed in 2019 under the direction of ADOR CEO Min Hee-jin. Known for her previous work with notable groups like Girls Generation, f(x), and Red Velvet, Min Hee-Jin created the new girl group. Moreover, auditions for NewJeans commenced in 2019, spanning globally, and extended into 2021 through early 2022. The group’s lineup was officially solidified in March 2022.

3. The Legendary Debut Sensation

NewJeans debuted on July 22, 2022, with a surprise release of their debut single ‘Attention,’ following teasers from ADOR starting on July 1. Subsequently, they swiftly released their second single, ‘Hype Boy,’ on July 23, and their self-titled debut EP on August 1. Their debut EP quickly gained immense success, becoming the best-selling debut album by a female act in South Korea with over one million copies sold.

One thing to note: The girls are the only K-pop group to debut without any promotions beforehand.

2. Immediate Brand Ambassadors

NewJeans, following the trend of many K-pop groups, holds multiple lucrative partnerships with high-fashion brands. Notably, on March 6, 2023, the group collectively became global brand ambassadors for Levi’s. Additionally, individual members have secured ambassador roles for renowned brands: Hanni for Armani Beauty and Gucci, Danielle for Yves Saint Laurent Beauty and Burberry, Haerin for Dior, Hyein for Louis Vuitton, and Minji for Chanel.

1. NewJeans and Bunnies

NewJeans fans are affectionately known as Bunnies, a name inspired by the bunny imagery featured on the artwork of their debut EP. The group manages an official Bunnies Club for their fans, offering exclusive merchandise. Notably, the merch includes a unique item called the Binky Bong, which serves as NewJeans’ customized bunny-shaped lightstick.

NewJeans the new k-pop sensation
© newjeans / Spotify

Do you feel closer to the NewJeans members now that you know a bit more about them? Let us know what your favorite song of the group is down below!

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