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BLACKPINK’s Contracts Finally Pave the Way for Solo Activities

By Orgesta Tolaj


4 January 2024

BLACKPINK contracts

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BLINKS rejoice! BLACKPINK members will come back as a group. However, now they also have full control over their solo activities. Fans who had to wait for one-year or two-year hiatuses can finally breathe easily as they will be bombarded with news, covers, and other arrangements from their favorite BLACKPINK members. Are you ready to see what these “Lovesick Girls” have in store for you? Here is what the new BLACKPINK contracts will offer.

The Announcement of BLACKPINK’s Solo Contracts

YG Entertainment has announced that members of the South Korean girl group BLACKPINK, namely Jisoo, Rosé, Jennie, and Lisa, will not be pursuing solo activities as part of their renewed contract with the agency. The exclusive contract for group activities was confirmed in an official statement issued through media outlet Herald Pop on December 29. YG Entertainment expressed its commitment to supporting BLACKPINK’s collective endeavors while also offering encouragement for the members’ activities.

© blackpinkofficial / Instagram

The announcement read:

“Hello, this is YG Entertainment. BLACKPINK recently renewed their contracts with YG for their group activities, and we have agreed not to proceed with additional contracts for individual activities.”

“We will do our utmost to support BLACKPINK’s activities, and we will cheer on the members’ individual activities with warm hearts.”

All BLACKPINK Solo Activities So Far

Here is a rundown of the group’s previous solo activities:

1. Jennie – SOLO

Jennie, rapper and vocalist of BLACKPINK, initiated the group’s solo debuts with the release of “Solo” on November 12, 2018. The minimalistic pop single, featuring Jennie’s sweet vocals and sassy rap lines, quickly became a phenomenon. “Solo” achieved success by topping Billboard’s World Digital Songs chart. Its choreography went viral, and it became the most-viewed music video by a female Korean solo artist on YouTube within 24 hours. Jennie’s diverse outfits in the music video also contributed to establishing her as a fashion icon.

2. Rosé – R

After more than two years, on March 12, 2021, vocalist and dancer Rosé unveiled her debut album, “R.” The album includes the title track “On the Ground” and the second single “Gone”. Both songs showcase Rosé’s intimate exploration of herself and her struggles. In “On the Ground,” she reflects on her journey. She sings about realizing that everything she needs is already present in her life. The album also features the acoustic ballad “Gone,” portraying a heartbroken narrative of a “hit and run” love story.

© blackpinkofficial / Instagram

3. Lisa – Lalisa

Just six months after Rosé’s debut, rapper and dancer Lisa launched her own album, “Lalisa,” in September 2021. The album, featuring the titular track and B-side “Money,” set several records, including the highest first-week sales among all Korean female acts, selling 736,221 copies. With references to her birth name, Lalisa Manobal, and nods to her Thai roots, the album reintroduces Lisa as a remarkable and unforgettable performer. The title track includes confident lyrics where Lisa asserts, “Remember my name that’s standing right in front of you / Love you some L-A-L-I-S-A,” reinforcing her presence in the industry.

4. Jisoo – ME

A year and a half after Lisa’s “Lalisa,” Jisoo concluded BLACKPINK’s solo debuts with the single album “Me,” released on March 31. As a vocalist and emerging actress, known for her roles in South Korean dramas like “Arthdal Chronicles” and “Snowdrop,” Jisoo showcased her sublime elegance through the title track “Flower” and B-side “All Eyes on Me.” Both songs feature minimalistic EDM melodies, allowing Jisoo’s unique tone to shine as she explores themes of freedom in the lyrics. In “Flower,” she warns an ex-lover about her departure, while “All Eyes on Me” portrays her defiance, challenging others to “Hold your breath and watch me, I’m a movie.

Are you looking forward to BLACKPINK’s solo activities?

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